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Summer Time Zoom: Gasoline Market Poised for Spectacular Rebound


Lauren Miller

May 15, 2024 - 08:19 am


Summer Surge: Gasoline Demand to Eclipse Pre-Pandemic Levels

A driver refuels her vehicle.

As the golden rays of summer cast a warm glow over the horizon, the energy market braces for a resurgence in gasoline consumption. Analysts at Rystad Energy A/S predict that the appetite for this fuel is set to surpass the highs witnessed before the ominous shadow of the pandemic in 2019.

A Flourishing Forecast for Fuel

Mukesh Sahdev, the driving force behind Rystad’s oil trading solution team, anticipates a bustling market for gasoline in the impending summer months. Despite the current ebb in US mobility, which Sahdev regards as a fleeting downturn, he maintains a bullish stance regarding the gasoline markets. His forecast points towards a balance-to-strong seasonal performance, expecting the preceding lull to give way to a robust reviving demand.

The Dynamics of Demand and Supply

The crux of the oil industry—gasoline—has witnessed fluctuating fortunes in recent weeks, marked by a decade-low metric that measures a four-week average of US consumption when looking past the year 2020. In the geological expanse of Asia, refinery profits from gasoline production have seen a decline, partially due to the projection of increased export activity from China. Hedge funds, meanwhile, have retracted their bullish bets on Nymex gasoline, evidencing their response to these transient market conditions.

Yet, global demand is poised to ascend to a staggering 26.8 million barrels a day by the crescendo of August, soaring above the levels experienced in the previous couple of years and also besting the pre-pandemic figures, according to Rystad's precise estimates.

A Consensus of Confidence

Rystad Energy's outlook resonates with other industry leaders who share a rosy view of the market. Standard Chartered Plc has publicly dismissed the gloom surrounding American gasoline consumption as baseless, pointing out that initial estimates often stand corrected to reveal a more substantial demand.

Eugene Lindell, from FGE's refined products division, concurs that while recent refinery margins have taken a hit, this predicament is only temporary. He believes that an impending strong summer demand, like a seasonal tide, will inevitably lift the prices. In a similar spirit, commodities expert Jeff Currie of Carlyle Group Inc. has highlighted the upbeat potential for the United States' summer driving season this year.

The Road Ahead

The United States, embracing the spirit of the season, anticipates an impressive turnout for road travel as Memorial Day approaches on May 27. The American Automobile Association projects that a whopping 38.4 million Americans will hit the roads for the holiday weekend, signaling the most significant travel activity in over two decades.

This upward trajectory in road travel is a continuation of the recovery journey from the pandemic's depths. Rystad's Sahdev notes that the election year in the US will serve as an additional impetus, fueling further travel and, by extension, gasoline consumption.

Refineries and Resources: Navigating New Normals

The supply landscape in North America and across the European continent is expectant of a tightening phase. This is attributed to a spate of refineries and associated gasoline production units winding down operations. The resulting scarcity is anticipated to further amplify gasoline demand, adding a layer of complexity to the market dynamics.

A Sustainable Summer of Surplus

While the energy sector fixates on the immediate sunny forecasts, it concurrently reckons with a shifting paradigm. The global market continues to oscillate between traditional sources and the burgeoning influence of renewable energy. Yet, it is clear that for the imminent summer, gasoline retains its seat at the crown of the energy market.

Gasoline's Geopolitical Jigsaw

In the grand tapestry of global events, gasoline finds itself at the nexus of geopolitics and trade. The ripples emanating from its pricing and availability extend far beyond mere fuel—it shapes economies, influences international relations, and dictates the pace of progress across continents.

Gearing Up for a Green Transition

Amidst the forecasts of gasoline's golden summer, the tides of environmental consciousness and sustainable energy are swelling. The green transition casts a long shadow, poised to redefine the contours of energy consumption and the very fabric of the global economy. While gasoline's surge is anticipated in the short term, the long-term narrative remains tethered to the advent of renewables.

As the energy industry gears up for an eventful summer, the interplay between demand resurgence, refinery resources, and the undercurrent of a green transition suffuses the market with a blend of certainty and speculation. While the season may spell a boon for gasoline, it is evident that the wheels of change are in motion, steadily guiding the global reliance on fuel towards a more sustainable horizon.

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