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Striking Surge in Global Oil & Gas Production Forecasted for 2024-2028


Leo Gonzalez

March 8, 2024 - 03:45 am


Global Upstream Production and Capex Outlook to Surge Through 2028

Dublin (March 7, 2024) - A revolutionary new report dubbed "Global Upstream Production and Capex Outlook, 2024-2028?", has been incorporated into the offerings of This report presents an in-depth analysis of the growing trends in the global oil and gas sector, highlighting production and capital expenditure from 2024 to 2028.

Anticipations in Production and Capital Expenditure

According to the comprehensive study, the production of oil and gas across active, planned, and announced fields globally is expected to see an upswing, rising from an estimated 175.9 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (mmboed) in 2024 to a projected 181.9 mmboed by the year 2028. This accounts for a considerable total increase of 3.4%. Remarkably, the Middle East is forecasted to lead the pack internationally by producing a staggering 52.9 mmboed from active, planned, and announced fields in 2028. When delving into country-specific leaders, the United States stands tall with its anticipated total production reaching 39.9 mmboed.

Expansive Outlook on Oil and Gas Production

The scope of this report encapsulates a multitude of crucial aspects:

  • Global total oil and gas production outlook by region, key countries, and top companies for the period extending from 2024 to 2028
  • A thorough perspective on total liquids (crude oil and condensate) and natural gas production on a regional level, key countries, and leading companies.
  • Detailed projections on global development and production capital expenditure for planned and announced fields, highlighting key countries and influential companies.
  • A close examination of the pivotal upcoming crude oil and natural gas projects that are set to shape the global market.

Impetus for Purchasing the Report

Key reasons to procure this publication include:

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the global oil and gas production forecasts during the specified period.
  • Staying informed of the production trajectories for significant countries and companies worldwide.
  • Facilitating informed decision-making based on robust data regarding development and production capex.
  • Crafting business strategies bolstered by specific insights into the global upstream sector.
  • Evaluating competitor's production capabilities and capital expenditure data to bolster strategic positioning.

Key Topics Unveiled in the Report:

Here's a sneak peek into the vital subjects covered in the report:

01. Global Oil & Gas Production Outlook

  • An overview of the global oil and gas production prospects, categorized by region, country, and company.

02. Global Oil Development Focus

  • Global insights into crude and condensate production, spliced by region and country.
  • A future perspective of the production landscape from planned and announced fields by country.
  • A detailed breakdown of global crude and condensate production outlooks, itemized by company.
  • An exclusive preview of significant upcoming oil projects waiting on the horizon.

03. Global Gas Development Outlook

  • A region-wise and country-specific assessment of the natural gas production outlook.
  • In-depth analyses of natural gas production from planned and announced fields, both by country and company.
  • An early look into key forthcoming gas project developments.

04. Global Expenditure Outlook

  • A comprehensive review of the global development and production Capex, dissected by region.
  • Projections of planned and announced capital expenditures by country and company, laying out the investment landscape in detail.

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Comprehensive Coverage and Strategic Analysis

With the relentless march of industrial advancements and the cumulative effect of global market forces, the "Global Upstream Production and Capex Outlook, 2024-2028?" report stands as a testament to the dynamic nature of the oil and gas industry. The report has been meticulously crafted to provide encompassing insights into the intricacies of the upstream production and capital expenditures across the spectrum. Through this scholarly piece, Research and Markets deliver on their promise of equipping industry professionals, investors, and stakeholders with the arsenal of knowledge required to navigate the evolving energy marketplace.

As we glance toward the future, the expectations posited by this report are reflective of the thriving oil and gas sector. The anticipated increase in global production capacity alludes to a period of growth and prosperity within the industry, backed by carefully planned and announced fields. Such advancements are a harbinger of enhanced energy security and economic stability for the key players and regions involved.

Moreover, the details presented within the report lay the groundwork for a strategic understanding necessary for solidifying global market positions. The identification of major upcoming projects offers a panoramic view of where the industry's capital injections are likely to be channeled, thereby shaping the trajectory of market influences and investment strategies.

Undoubtedly, this body of work is a quintessential acquisition for those who seek to be at the forefront of market intelligence. Its contents serve as an extensive resource for developing robust business strategies and for staying ahead in the fiercely competitive landscape that defines the contemporary energy sector.

As we anticipate the continued evolution of the oil and gas industry, this report will invariably stand as a cornerstone reference for those intending to achieve sustainability within a shifting paradigm of energy production, consumption, and fiscal stewardship.


In summary, the "Global Upstream Production and Capex Outlook, 2024-2028?" report presented by Research and Markets is a profound compilation of data and analytics that encapsulates the projected growth and capital investments within the oil and gas industry. As global demand for energy persists, and as we strive for advancements in production technology and efficiency, the insights derived from this report will serve as guiding beacons for shaping energy policies, corporate decisions, and market strategies over the coming years.

The continuous dedication of Research and Markets to provide such sophisticated market research ensures that all stakeholders can make well-informed decisions that reverberate through the fabric of the global economy. The release of this report is not just a reflection of current trends, but a roadmap to future opportunities within the ever-vibrant energy sector.

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