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Snowflake Inc. Under Legal Fire: Investors Rally as Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP Champions Class Action


Benjamin Hughes

April 4, 2024 - 21:15 pm


Securities Fraud Class Action: Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP Spearheads Litigation Against Snowflake Inc.

LOS ANGELES, April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The law firm Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP, more commonly referred to as GPM, has publicly announced an encouraging opportunity for investors who have suffered significant financial losses. These investors now have the possibility to take the lead in a class-action lawsuit revolving around allegations of securities fraud committed by Snowflake Inc. (hereinafter "Snowflake" or "the Company") publicly traded under the ticker symbol SNOW.

Investor Alert: Class Participation Details

The period specified for the class, known as the Class Period, extends from September 16, 2020, to March 2, 2022. Importantly, the deadline for submitting the role of a lead plaintiff is set at April 29, 2024.

Investors who believe they are qualified to serve as lead plaintiff and wish to take part in the Snowflake lawsuit can provide their contact details through the GPM website by visiting Additionally, those seeking further information about their rights can reach out to Charles H. Linehan of GPM at their Los Angeles office, by dialing 310-201-9150, utilizing the toll-free number 888-773-9224, or sending an inquiry via email to [email protected]

Complaint Allegations Against Snowflake

According to the complaint that has been lodged, Snowflake's defendants, throughout the Class Period, allegedly failed to disclose certain critical facts to the investors, which could have materially impacted their investment decisions. The complaint asserts that Snowflake orchestrated a systematic overselling of its capabilities to customers, thereby creating an impression of high demand for its products and services that was ultimately misleading.

The complaint further alleges Snowflake offered significant discounts prior to its Initial Public Offering (IPO), which temporarily elevated sales figures. However, this tactic was inherently unsustainable post-IPO and would eventually necessitate platform efficiency modifications. These changes were projected to impact client consumption adversely, thereby affecting the Company's revenues and profit margins.

Moreover, the plaintiffs posit that as contracts approached their expiration date, Snowflake customers were likely to have a substantial amount of unused credits, leading to a reduction in future sales or non-renewal of contracts at prior consumption levels or altogether. Consequently, the suit argues, Snowflake's product revenue and remaining performance obligations were artificially inflated during the Class Period.

The complaint concludes by stating that the positive statements made by Snowflake's defendants regarding the business, operations, and prospects were significantly misleading or lacked a reasonable basis during all the relevant times discussed.

Staying Updated and Understanding Your Rights

For those interested in keeping abreast of updates regarding this case, GPM encourages individuals to follow their updates on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

It is essential for class members to understand that there is no obligation for them to take immediate action at this juncture. Potential members of the class action may either retain personal counsel to represent their interests or opt to not take any action and remain an absent member of the class action instead.

Further inquiries concerning the lawsuit, specific questions about the announcement, or any other concerns regarding individual rights or interests with respect to the pending class action lawsuit can be directed to Charles Linehan, Esquire, of GPM. The firm is located at 1925 Century Park East, Suite 2100, Los Angeles, California 90067. Mr. Linehan can be reached directly by phone, toll-free, or via email at [email protected] Prospective claimants are encouraged to visit the law firm's dedicated website at for comprehensive information. Those choosing to communicate through email are advised to include their mailing address, telephone number, and the number of shares purchased for a more tailored response.

Please note, this press release may hold the status of Attorney Advertising within certain jurisdictions, pending the regulations of applicable law and ethical rules.

The source of this press release is Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP.

Final Thoughts for Investors

Investors who have encountered losses during the aforementioned Class Period and are contemplating active participation in the lawsuit should carefully consider their ability to contribute to the case. By becoming a lead plaintiff, an investor can potentially steer the litigation and potentially negotiate a settlement or other resolutions.

The allegations, as outlined in the complaint, raise concerns related to corporate disclosure and transparency. The core of the lawsuit focuses on the claim that Snowflake gave its investors a distorted picture of its financial health and market viability. Such acts, if proven true, can undermine investor trust and violate securities law.

Executives and boards are duty-bound to furnish stakeholders with accurate information to make informed decisions. This legal battle reflects an ongoing effort to ensure that companies align with these ethical standards and legal obligations. It serves as a cautionary tale to both investors and corporations about the heavy repercussions of potentially bypassing financial integrity and transparency.

In a broader sense, the class-action suit underscores the importance of due diligence and the need for thorough analysis by investors. The investment community will no doubt monitor the lawsuit's progress closely, seeing it as a critical test of accountability in corporate behavior.

Investors impacted by Snowflake's conduct during the Class Period should gauge the viability of their potential claims. They must also adhere to the set deadlines to assert their rights, as failure to act can result in waiving potential recoveries.

Class action lawsuits, like this one against Snowflake, serve a crucial role in the financial ecosystem. They provide a mean for collectively addressing wrongdoings that might otherwise go unchallenged due to the high costs and complexities involved in individual litigation. Through such litigation, investors seek not only recompense but a reaffirmation of the integrity of the markets.

In conclusion, the Snowflake incident and the resultant class action represent not just a legal battle but a critical discussion about corporate governance, investor rights, and the mechanisms in place to protect the markets. As the deadline approaches, interested shareholders must consider where they stand and how they wish to proceed - whether leading the charge or observing from the sidelines.

Please be aware that neither the content of this press release nor the lawsuit itself should be construed as legal advice. Affected parties should consult their individual legal advisors for guidance tailored to their specific circumstances. The eventual outcome of the case remains uncertain, but the issues at its heart will likely influence investor sentiment and corporate behavior for the foreseeable future.

For parties interested in further details about the case or who wish assistance filing a claim, the contact information provided by GPM offers a direct line to experienced legal counsel who can navigate the complexities of securities litigation.

To make sure that all available legal avenues are thoroughly explored and that their rights are robustly protected, class members are encouraged to stay informed and actively engaged with the developments of this lawsuit. With GPM leading the charge, investors can anticipate a rigorous pursuit of justice in this matter.

As this is a developing story, further updates and additional information regarding the class action lawsuit will be disseminated as they become available. Whether the lawsuit will end in a settlement or proceed to trial remains to be seen, but it will undoubtedly serve as a significant event in the realm of corporate litigation and securities law.

Understanding the foundational principles at play in such legal challenges can also empower investors, providing them insight into the complexities of securities law and how it applies to their investments. As the case against Snowflake Inc. progresses, the eyes of the financial world will remain keenly focused on how justice will be served for those claiming to be wronged by the company's alleged actions.

This legal challenge against Snowflake Inc. exemplifies the intricate balance between corporate interests and investor protections. As investigators dig deeper and more information comes to light, the outcome of this class-action lawsuit could have far-reaching implications on corporate disclosures and governance practices across the industry.

It is imperative for investors to recognize the significance of this case, not just in terms of potential financial recovery but also in setting a precedent that could influence future governance and transparency in the market. As the legal process unfolds, stakeholders can use this opportunity to re-evaluate their investment strategies and the level of oversight they expect from the firms they invest in.

The snowflake case is set to be a landmark litigation, with potential consequences that extend beyond the courtroom. It will likely spark discussions, set precedents, and perhaps lead to more stringent regulations in the financial industry. As the April 29, 2024 deadline for lead plaintiff application draws near, investors should take timely action based on their legal counsel's advice.

Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP's endeavor in representing the aggrieved shareholders of Snowflake showcases the critical role of class actions in maintaining market integrity and investor confidence. As this case moves forward, it reflects the broader narrative of accountability and transparency that is fundamental to the ethos of the financial markets.

Investors worldwide are witnessing what could be a defining moment in securities litigation with this Snowflake Inc. case. With every development in the lawsuit, the financial community is reminded of the delicate yet indispensable relationship between investment entities and the individuals who entrust their capital to these corporations.

Adherence to the rules governing financial disclosures is not just a legal mandate but also a cornerstone of ethical business practices. The events unfolding in the class action lawsuit against Snowflake Inc. will likely echo within boardrooms and the investor community for years to come.

In sum, this lawsuit against Snowflake serves as a potent reminder of the potential risks and rewards inherent within the stock market. It brings to light critical issues regarding truthfulness in financial reporting and promotes a dialogue about the fiduciary duties that companies owe to their shareholders.