shares of dr martens plummeted by 30 to reach an all time low prompting a brief halt in trading due to a dismal outlook 146

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Shares of Dr. Martens plummeted by 30% to reach an all-time low, prompting a brief halt in trading due to a dismal outlook


Benjamin Hughes

April 26, 2024 - 00:30 am


Share Plunge and Trading Halt: In early trading sessions, Dr. Martens experienced a significant 30% drop in its share price, reaching an all-time low, leading to a temporary suspension of trading on the London Stock Exchange.

CEO Transition: Adding to the company's challenges, Dr. Martens announced that CEO Kenny Wilson would step down from his position in March 2025. He will be succeeded by the current Chief Brand Officer, Ije Nwokorie.

Financial Outlook and Performance: Dr. Martens disclosed that its full-year results for 2024 are expected to align with previous estimates. However, the company provided a cautious outlook for 2025, anticipating a decline in wholesale revenue in the U.S., particularly in the autumn and winter seasons. This projection is attributed to a significant decrease in the order book for these periods.

Revenue Challenges and Deleveraging: The company foresees a decrease in revenues for 2025 due to challenges in offsetting inflation and no plans to raise prices further. This anticipated decline in revenue will likely lead to significant deleveraging, given the current operating cost base.

Market Sentiment and Analyst Perspectives: Analysts at RBC expressed negative sentiment toward Dr. Martens' stock, emphasizing that market focus would center on the 2025 guidance in the short term. They highlighted potential pressure on mid-market consumers due to inflation, possibly leading to trading down within the category. Meanwhile, analysts at Investec anticipate a recovery in Dr. Martens' U.S. performance only by the end of the second half of the year. Despite near-term challenges, they acknowledge the company's robust capital generation and long-term growth potential.

Legal Action Against Alleged Google Ads Manipulation: Dr. Martens recently filed a High Court claim against Temu, alleging manipulation of Google searches to prioritize products resembling Dr. Martens' brand goods. This legal action follows a similar lawsuit against fast-fashion brand Shein in 2021 for allegedly selling counterfeits.

Responses from Involved Parties: As of now, Dr. Martens, Shein, and Temu have not responded to requests for comment from CNBC regarding the legal claims.