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Revolutionizing Crypto Trading: Volmex Unveils Innovative Perpetual Futures


Lauren Miller

April 3, 2024 - 11:57 am


Volmex Global Unveils Groundbreaking Perpetual Futures on Crypto Volatility Indices

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, April 3, 2024 - In a move that signals a significant evolution in the cryptocurrency derivatives market, Volmex Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the pioneers in crypto volatility indices, Volmex Labs, has proudly announced the launch of their latest financial instruments. These instruments are the first perpetual futures contracts based on BTC and ETH implied volatility indices, now available for trade on Bitfinex Derivatives.

The novel perpetual futures contracts, namely BVIVF0:USTF0 and EVIVF0:USTF0, offer traders the opportunity to invest based on their expectation of the 30-day volatility for Bitcoin and Ether options. The methodology used for the Volmex Implied Volatility Indices serves as the backbone for these contracts, ensuring traders have a reliable benchmark for their market estimations. The introduction of these contracts is also noteworthy for their generous leverage capabilities, with traders able to leverage positions up to 20 times.

Carrying the banner of innovation is Volmex Labs, which has crafted and curated the revered Volmex Implied Volatility Indices. These indices include the BVIV Index, representing Bitcoin Volmex Implied Volatility, and the EVIV Index, denoting Ethereum Volmex Implied Volatility - both of which are groundbreaking as the foremost volatility benchmarks in the crypto realm. For the ease of traders and analysts across the globe, Volmex Implied Volatility Index data broadcasts live on renowned platforms such as TradingView and CoinMarketCap, providing cutting-edge market insights at their fingertips.

Leading the Volatility Frontier: Volmex Labs' Contributions to Crypto Markets

With the flair for pioneering that underpins Volmex Labs' ethos, Volmex Global is licensing its proprietary indexes to the esteemed Bitfinex Derivatives platform. This partnership underscores a significant stride toward the integration of sophisticated financial products within the cryptocurrency sector. Traders anticipating to delve into the volatile vistas of Bitcoin and Ethereum may find these perpetual futures contracts to be a game-changer for their investment strategies.

For qualified enthusiasts eager to explore BVIVF0:USTF0 and EVIVF0:USTF0 on Bitfinex Derivatives, eligibility criteria are outlined on the Bitfinex website. Access to such innovative trading vehicles heralds a new era of financial derivatives deeply entwined with cryptocurrency market dynamics. Interested participants are directed to visit the official Bitfinex website at to commence trading or to glean additional information about the requirements and opportunities these contracts present.

A Deeper Look at Volmex Global's Role in Crypto Innovation

The unparalleled ingenuity of Volmex Labs gave birth to Volmex Global. This subsidiary is not only the custodian of the BVIV and EVIV Indices but also the entity that ensures these instruments stay at the forefront of the crypto volatility tracking realm. By measuring the constant, anticipated volatility over a 30-day period, these indices have become integral tools for BTC and ETH investors who require an in-depth understanding of market sentiment and direction. Those looking to harness the wealth of data provided by these indices can explore further by venturing to TradingView and CoinMarketCap, where real-time data is readily accessible.

Furthermore, it is worth exploring Volmex Finance, the online portal where deeper insights and educational resources regarding crypto volatility can be found. Volmex Finance serves as a wealth of knowledge for traders and analysts who strive to enhance their understanding of market dynamics. The site can be accessed at, providing a comprehensive interface for all things related to crypto volatility. In addition to the primary site, Volmex offers an exclusive glimpse into the behavior of their indices through a specialized charting portal, available at This portal provides pivotal data visualization tools, allowing users to interpret and predict market movements with greater accuracy.

The Emergence of Bitfinex Derivatives: A Nexus of Innovation

Bitfinex Derivatives emerged onto the financial scene in September 2019, a creation of iFinex Financial Technologies Limited. It was conceived as a derivatives platform seamlessly integrated with Bitfinex's existing digital token trading services. This integration created a powerful synergy, offering a suite of state-of-the-art solutions for both digital currency traders and liquidity providers on a global scale. Bitfinex Derivatives has since garnered a reputation for being an avant-garde platform where the confluence of advanced technology and financial acumen is on full display.

Strategic Alliances: Volmex Global and Bitfinex Derivatives

The collaboration between Volmex Global and Bitfinex Derivatives is no small feat. It is an alliance that magnifies the potential of the cryptocurrency market, enabling traders to explore nuanced financial products. As traditional financial markets evolve and adopt the ingenious mechanisms of cryptocurrency, partnerships such as this will likely prove to be trailblazing milestones in the pursuit of holistic financial platforms.

Unquestionably, the announcement by Volmex Global heralds not just an expansion of offerings from Volmex Labs, but further erodes the barriers between conventional finance and the expansive world of crypto assets. Indicative of the growing appetite for sophisticated trading options within the digital currency space, this development has set a precedent for future advancements, and it is expected that other players in the cryptocurrency arena will follow suit.

Future-Proofing the Market: The Impact of Volmex's Perpetual Futures

As we bear witness to the continuous maturation of the cryptocurrency market, the need for advanced financial instruments becomes ever more pronounced. With Volmex Global's introduction of perpetual futures based on volatility indices, the market takes a significant leap forward. This novel concept captures the essence of the market's direction and momentum by encapsulating the expected volatility in a tradeable form.

This move by Volmex Global is projected to redefine how investors and traders interact with crypto markets. By granting the ability to hedge against volatility, or alternatively, to speculate on it, these contracts will likely attract a diverse range of market participants - from risk-averse institutions seeking to stabilize their cryptocurrency exposure, to high-frequency traders who thrive in rapidly shifting market conditions.

Empowering Traders with Advanced Trading Tools

The leverage offered by these perpetual futures contracts is a game-changer in itself. By amplifying their positions up to 20 times, traders can capitalize on even the smallest market movements, leading to a possibility of significant returns—or equally, a higher risk of losses. Such an instrument could empower skilled traders to navigate the market's ebbs and flows with precision, all while managing their risk exposure effectively.

For the uninitiated, leverage can be a double-edged sword, magnifying both profits and losses. It is for this reason that the cryptocurrency derivatives market is not just growing; it is also maturing, offering more granular control to seasoned traders while simultaneously attracting new players who are looking for more sophisticated investment vehicles that were once the exclusive domain of traditional financial markets.

The perpetual futures contracts based on the BVIV and EVIV indices are more than just products; they are a testament to Volmex Labs' commitment to advancing the field of crypto assets. They offer a way to peer into the market's expectations and serve to quantify the heretofore nebulous concept of market sentiment. As such, they are milestones in the ongoing quest to bring crypto markets to parity with their more-established counterparts in equities and commodities trading.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Crypto Trading

It is clear that Volmex Global's latest launch of perpetual futures contracts on BTC and ETH implied volatility is more than a mere addition to the product suite available to cryptocurrency traders. It represents a paradigm shift, with traditional financial market tools being tailored to meet the unique demands and attributes of the digital asset space.

This development has the potential to attract an influx of institutional investors, who may find these volatility-indexed contracts to be aligned more closely with their risk management frameworks. Simultaneously, individual traders are provided with additional avenues to potentially profit from the inherent volatility that defines cryptocurrency markets.

In summary, the convergence of innovative financial instruments such as the volatility-indexed perpetual futures highlights the growing complexity and depth of the cryptocurrency markets. It is a reflection of the market's evolution, maturity, and versatility. As the digital currency space continues to expand and integrate itself with traditional finance, it is expected that more such innovative products will emerge, bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and financial ingenuity.

The crypto industry and the broader financial ecosystem are poised to benefit from these continual technological and product advancements. With entities like Volmex Global at the helm of innovation, the future of crypto-based financial derivatives looks bright, promising a landscape ripe with opportunities for market participants of all calibers.

Volmex Global's introduction of perpetual futures rooted in BTC and ETH volatility indices is not just a noteworthy achievement; it's a beacon signaling the maturation of the crypto marketplace. As the industry strides forward, investors and traders alike can look to Volmex Global and Bitfinex Derivatives as vital navigators in the volatile yet exhilarating waters of cryptocurrency trading.