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Revolutionary Wave Hits Commercial Vehicle Steering System Market


Lauren Miller

June 3, 2024 - 22:50 pm


Forecasted Expansion in the Commercial Vehicle Steering System Market

NEW YORK, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Technavio's experts have forecasted significant growth in the global commercial vehicle steering system market. Detailed analytics suggest a robust increase of USD 4.06 billion from 2024 to 2028, with estimated growth at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of just over 5.58% during the four-year period. This anticipated growth embodies the market's positive trajectory, influenced by technological innovations and increasing demands for commercial vehicles.

For an exhaustive comprehension of future growth prospects, including regional analyses and segmentation insights, interested parties can access a full report at Technavio's website through this link: Commercial Vehicle Steering System Market Report Snapshot.

Market Overview and Growth Trends

A Comprehensive Scope

The scope of this commercial vehicle steering system market study is far-reaching, encompassing a historic period from 2018 to 2022, with projections set for 2024 through 2028. A telling indicator of the market's dynamics is the steady YoY growth experienced in the period preceding the base year of 2023, which was recorded at 5.18%.

According to Technavio's research, North America, APAC, Europe, South America, and Middle East and Africa are geographical hotspots contributing significantly to the market's performance. The APAC region, in particular, is a dominant driving force, accounting for nearly 43% of the market share, with key nations including the US, China, Mexico, Canada, and Japan being pivotal in spurring market development.

A multitude of companies forms the fabric of this market, with major contingents like ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc., China Automotive Systems Inc., Global Steering Systems LLC, and several others shaping the competitive landscape.

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Commercial vehicle steering system market 2024-2028

Catalyzing Market Drivers

Propelled by green innovation, the market for commercial vehicle steering systems is in the throes of transformation. Novel technology such as thrifty power steering, automatic systems, and mechatronic iRWS systems is garnering significant momentum. Crucial to these developments is the intersection of software and electronics—where sensors, Electronic Control Units (ECUs), and related components constitute the essence of evolution within the industry.

Players in this arena are pushing boundaries, investing in advanced machinery like hydraulic pumps, steering columns, and other commodious technologies. These investments are not only bolstering engine performance but also helping in reducing emissions and amplifying passenger comfort. The Middle East and Africa markets, in particular, are burgeoning with opportunities driven by automotive sales, logistics demands, and the burgeoning electric vehicle sector, influencing the market's trajectories.

The Challenges Ahead

The pursuit of excellence doesn't come without its obstacles. On the frontline of such challenges is the manufacturing sector's need to harmonize superior quality with cost restraint. Supply-side entities are beckoned to rise to the occasion, striking a delicate balance between economic and quality demands of OEM and tier-1 suppliers, while abating the pressures of rigorous quality control and capricious testing standards.

Contemporaneous components: designs that marry the complexities of software with the tangibilities of hardware, advanced braking systems, and assiduously engineered sensors, are imposing new paradigms on the market.

The electric vehicle renaissance coupled with stringent emissions standards and fuel efficiency targets is also casting an omnipresent influence on the automotive steering market, further densifying the mesh of market dynamics.

Prospective parties and industry stakeholders seeking to grasp the full spectrum of market influences, including the intersection of drivers and challenges, can do so by requesting a sample report here.

Segmentation Analysis: A Closer Look

Applications & Types – Steering the Future

The arena of the commercial vehicle steering system is segmented by a variety of factors, with applications broadly divided into light commercial vehicles and medium to heavy commercial vehicles. Each segment represents an integral component of the automotive steering market, playing a vital role in shaping consumer comfort and automotive sales.

The type classification identifies electronic power steering, electro-hydraulic power steering, and hydraulic power steering as prominent sub-segments. Electronic power steering is gaining traction, especially within the sphere of electric vehicles and eco-friendly commercial automobiles.

Geography – Where Innovation Meets Demand

Geographically, the market is stratified across five major areas which include North America, APAC, Europe, South America, and the Middle East with Africa. Each region stands as a testament to the specialized demands and relative contributions to the proliferation of the steering system industry.

A separately outlined segment sheds light on advanced technological ingress in the light commercial vehicle sector and the overarching importance of power steering and automatic steering systems which are becoming standard features in modern propulsion systems.

Leading Edge of Technological Shift

In the business of logistics and transport, commercial vehicles command sophisticated steering technologies that leverage AVR and DSR systems, complemented by a medley of sensors and electronic systems. Contemporary companies are at the forefront of this technological shift, innovating with lighter steering components and steering-mounted electronics that address the market's growing environmental consciousness and efficiency demands.

To gain a finer granularity of the market and its segments, along with detailed geographical analysis and historical data, interested readers are directed to download a sample report here.

In-Depth Research Insights

Steering Towards a Smarter Future

The researched analysis within the commercial vehicle steering system market encapsulates a convergence of cutting-edge technologies and traditional practices. Manual steering is complemented by steering-mounted electronics in vehicles, enhancing fuel economy while addressing pollution control requirements.

With a heightened focus on eco-friendly innovations, the industry is steadily gravitating towards electric motor-powered vehicles, empowering autonomous driving controls and transforming the automotive steering landscape. This is pivotal for logistics and supply chain ecosystems that emphasize cost-efficiency and reliability.

The 'Market Research Overview' segment of the research delves into the dynamics of manufacturing, the pivotal role of hydraulic pumps in heavy commercial vehicle steering systems, and the potential challenges wrought by business constraints due to travel prohibitions and market downturns.

As we witness a surge towards electrically propelled vehicles, steering systems are being reimagined to conform with new operational paradigms. This is crucial in ensuring seamless raw material shipments, uninterrupted operational plant logistics, and the overarching objective of curbing emissions.

Market Forecast Predictions and Prospects

The forthcoming years evoke a promising forecast for the commercial vehicle steering system market, enhancing the narrative of efficient and precise maneuverability. With safety and productivity at its core, the market is energized by the escalation of commercial vehicle demands and the essential requirement for more advanced steering technologies.

The market is experiencing an increase in both passive and active steering system implementations across commercial vehicles. Compliance with rigorous performance and safety standards is paramount for the market players, setting a competitive yet innovation-driven course for the market.

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Concluding Table of Contents:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Market Landscape
  3. Market Sizing
  4. Historic Market Size
  5. Five Forces Analysis
  6. Market Segmentation
    • Application
      • Light Commercial Vehicle
      • Medium And Heavy Commercial Vehicle
    • Type
      • Electronic Power Steering
      • Electro-hydraulic Power Steering
      • Hydraulic Power Steering
    • Geography
      • North America
      • APAC
      • Europe
      • South America
      • Middle East And Africa
  7. Customer Landscape
  8. Geographic Landscape
  9. Drivers, Challenges, and Trends
  10. Company Landscape
  11. Company Analysis
  12. Appendix

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In conclusion, the portrait painted by the data predicts nothing short of a stellar rise for the commercial vehicle steering system market, echoing the sentiments of major industry players who are keenly observing these developments and are poised to adapt. This anticipation sets a sound stage for more green innovations, customer satisfaction, and heightened market competition, fostering an environment ripe for technological breakthroughs and economic upliftment.