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Rev Up Your Knowledge: Growth and Innovations Fuel the Automotive Tappet Market


Lauren Miller

May 10, 2024 - 03:11 am


Surge in Automotive Tappets Market Paves the Way to Innovation and Efficiency

NEW YORK, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- With ever-evolving automotive technology, the global automotive tappets market is experiencing significant growth, as reported by industry analysis firm Technavio. Estimates suggest an expansion by USD 1.82 billion during the forecast period from 2023 to 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 3.95%.

Market Dynamics and Driving Factors

The tappets market is benefiting from the current trend toward lightweighting in the automotive sector. Vehicle manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on the integration of lighter materials, like titanium and advanced alloys, for engine components, prominently tappets. This initiative is instrumental in reducing the vehicle's total weight, which has direct positive implications on performance, fuel efficiency, and the reduction of emissions. Companies at the forefront of this innovative change, including SKF, Federal-Mogul, COMP Cams, RSR Industries, and SSV Technocrates, are investing heavily in research and development of optimized tappet designs.

As these industry leaders repeatedly intersect the objectives of sustainability with enhanced performance, the market sees growth influenced by rigorous emission regulations, engine downsizing, and the high performance required by luxury passenger cars. It is evident that the effort to synergize the aspects of sustainability while not compromising vehicle performance is spearheading the automotive tappets market's expansion.

Market Challenges and Opportunities

The journey toward growth is not devoid of challenges; manufacturers encounter complexities while aligning with stringent environmental standards. Traditional tappet materials such as steel, known for their energy-intensive manufacturing processes, are being reassessed. Alternatives including lightweight metals and composites are being explored to minimize ecological footprints. Waste management becomes paramount, with the proper treatment of discarded materials and byproducts being vital for sustainable practice. Efforts to recycle and minimize toxic emissions further elevate the complexity for producers in the automotive tappets market.

Coupled with these challenges are arrays of opportunities, such as uptrends in the commercial vehicle segment and enhancements in lubricant technologies. The increasing production of vehicles in emerging economies provides a significant boost to the demand for automotive tappets, underscoring the importance of installation efficiency and product innovation in the market.

Advanced Market Segmentation

The analysis by Technavio segments the automotive tappets market by type—flat and roller tappets, distribution channels—OEM and aftermarket, and by geographical regions—APAC, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and South America.

For a detailed graphical representation and additional insights, Technavio has published an infographic accessible at Technavio Infographic.

The historical reign of flat tappets has been notable, with a predominant market share in 2017, valuing at USD 5.62 billion. Flat tappets have long been favored in budget-sensitive and classic car restoration scenarios. However, with changing times and technological advances, roller tappets are gaining popularity. These provide enhanced performance and longevity, especially in contemporary high-performance motor designs. Further contributing to this development are the HFTC (Hydraulic Flat Tappet Control) systems, renowned for their capacity to maintain consistent valve clearance, thereby improving fuel efficiency and aiding in emissions reduction.

Sector Insights and Key Market Contributors

The automotive tappets market is a space populated with various key players engaging in a comprehensive range of activities, from production to supply, spanning continents. Central to the market's performance are APAC countries, accounting for 49% of the market contribution, with countries such as the US, China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany being the linchpins of the industry.

Notable market contributors include acclaimed names like AB SKF, COMP Cams, Crower Cams and Equipment Co. Inc., Cummins Inc., Decora Auto Forge Pvt. Ltd, Eaton Corp. Plc, and several others that are significantly shaping the landscape of the automotive tappets market.

Research Analysis and Trends

In the report, Technavio offers an in-depth analysis as per the bottom-up approach. It includes examining the usage of cylindrical components like cam followers and valve lifters as they are crucial for the accurate operation of internal combustion engines. Trends observed include an increased interest in Pestle analysis and a call for precision concerning valve clearance to assure a vehicle's smooth performance. This underscores the importance of tappets and their role in facilitating the harmonious motion of valves within an engine.

Further exploration of the market reveals that advancements in the field of lubricant technology affect consumer demand. The intersection of technological innovation with traditional industry needs signals a market ripe with potential for growth and expansion.

In-Depth Market Research Overview

The report presents a well-drawn picture of the automotive tappet marketplace, correlating the booming production and installation rates to galloping demand across the globe. Evidence of the market's resilience is in its integration with evolving modern vehicle designs. These components, integral to an engine's valvetrain system, leverage technological advancements to meet the standards of a diversifying transport landscape.

With the automotive industry's pivot towards fuel-efficient and reduced-emissions vehicles, the demand for automotive tappets is projected to heighten. As electric and hybrid vehicles gain traction, the relevance of tappets tailored for these new engine types cannot be understated.

Detailed Table of Contents

Following an executive summary, the report delineates a structure starting from the market landscape to market sizing and historical data reference. Subsequent sections provide insights into the forces shaping the market dynamics and elaborate on the segmentation ranging from types and distribution channels to geographic landscapes. Moreover, the report outlines the customer landscape, along with drivers, challenges, and trends that illustrate the vast scope influenced by the automotive tappets market. The latter part of the table of contents revolves around the company landscape and analysis, shedding light on the competitive edge within the industry.

Unveiling Technavio

Technavio stands out as a leading global technology research and advisory company. Their prolific report library, featuring over 17,000 reports that cover 800 technologies across 50 countries, is a testament to the depth and breadth of their market insights. The client base, which spans a plethora of sizes including over 100 Fortune 500 companies, turns to Technavio when scouting for comprehensive coverage, exhaustive research, and actionable market insights to stay ahead in changing market scenarios.

For more information or to purchase the full report, interested parties can reach out to Jesse Maida, Media & Marketing Executive for Technavio Research, at their US or UK numbers, or by emailing [email protected] For additional insights and services, you can visit their official site at


The automotive tappets market report by Technavio draws a comprehensive and insightful image of the industry's current state and probable future. It handles various aspects from environmental challenges to the emergence of new materials and designs that offer lucrative opportunities for growth and development. The report becomes an indispensable resource for stakeholders looking to navigate this ever-evolving market. As environmental considerations increasingly intertwine with technological advancement, the automotive tappets market is set to continue its upswing amidst the automotive industry's shifting landscape.

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