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RE/MAX Commercial Empowers Brokers with RealNex's Innovative Tech Solutions


Benjamin Hughes

May 16, 2024 - 12:55 pm


RealNex and RE/MAX Commercial Join Forces to Propel Commercial Brokerage with Breakthrough Technology Tools

STAFFORD, Texas, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a monumental move for commercial real estate technology, RealNex has been handpicked to equip RE/MAX Commercial® brokers across the United States and Canada with its innovative RealNex MarketPlace Pro solution. This ground-breaking partnership not only scales up to encompass the global affiliates of RE/MAX but also aligns with deploying the MP Premier, a state-of-the-art commercial property listing search engine, directly onto the RE/MAX Commercial website. This strategic initiative cements RealNex technology suite's position as the central marketing and listing platform that RE/MAX Commercial will utilize to dominate the global commercial real estate markets.

RealNex and RE/MAX Commercial to Provide Market-Leading Technology Tool Set to Commercial Brokers

A New Era of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

"We are extremely excited to align with RE/MAX Commercial in their endeavor to fortify their brokers with the most effective technology tools that will accelerate their growth and improve the quality of service offered to their clients. Our cutting-edge solutions will support brokers at every phase of a commercial transaction, promoting uniformity in delivering superior services across the globe. We take great pride in playing a pivotal role in this essential project," expressed Jeffrey Finn, CEO of RealNex.

RealNex has set a benchmark in providing an all-in-one commercial real estate operating system, powered by a dedicated CRM engineered to cater to the unique needs of commercial brokers. This technology allows them to manage comprehensive property, market, and client data, fostering business development and deal management efficiency. The integration of the Transaction Manager App alongside the virtual deal rooms further propels forward the capability to execute online tenant representation, leasing, and investment sales tasks in a collaborative manner. The seamless creation of compelling financial analysis and professional marketing materials coupled with the promotion of listings within a rapidly expanding marketplace is yet another testament to RealNex's prowess. This extensive platform will be embedded within RE/MAX's broker portal, allowing hassle-free access with a single login.

Crafting a Tech-Driven Future in Global Real Estate

Striving to provide its brokers with the superior technological arsenal, RE/MAX Commercial leads the charge in championing a tech-driven strategy for global real estate services. "RealNex was the clear choice for collaboration in tailoring solutions that address the needs of our diverse network. This partnership ensures that our brokers are equipped to consistently deliver unmatched client services," stated Kristie Jacobson Kimnach, Executive Director, Commercial at RE/MAX.

For RE/MAX Commercial brokers, not only is the RealNex MarketPlace Pro available at no added cost for listing management and marketing but also they are granted preferred access to RealNex MarketEdge, Navigator, and NavigatorPro. On top of these, RealCampaigns™ emerges as a powerful tool for email marketing, and MP Direct/Premier for hosting listing search engines on localized sites.

In the quest for global dominance in commercial real estate, enterprises like RE/MAX require robust, effectively deployed, and easily managed technology solutions. "RealNex stands out in such environments, offering minimal ownership costs, swift value delivery, and unmatched adoption levels. We eagerly anticipate propelling the organization to new heights of growth and success," noted RealNex CEO, Mark Kingston.

About RealNex LLC

At the forefront of commercial real estate technology solutions, RealNex aspires to be the marketplace pinnacle for the international commercial real estate industry. By converging sector-specific solutions, it enhances industry effectiveness, transparency, and liquidity.

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RealNex and RE/MAX Commercial's collaboration represents a significant leap forward for the commercial real estate industry, revolutionizing it with an unprecedented technological toolkit. This alignment not only promises efficiency and growth for individual brokers but also establishes a new standard in real estate services worldwide. For the enterprising broker, the doors have now been opened wide to an era where technology and real estate brokerage converge, defining their profession's future in ways previously unimagined.

With these new tools at their disposal, RE/MAX Commercial brokers are now empowered to focus on what they do best—deliver exceptional services to their clients, facilitated by a system that is both robust and user-friendly. RealNex's commitment to providing an integrated suite of tools ensures that from lead generation to deal closing, every step is supported by software designed to streamline processes and enhance the broker's ability to execute their duties effectively.

RealNex and RE/MAX Commercial's strategic partnership, marked by innovation and a keen understanding of the market's needs, sets a new paradigm in commercial real estate. It exemplifies their dedication to leveraging technology for advancing the efficiency and caliber of real estate professionals' work. As this technology continues to evolve and redefine the industry's landscape, RE/MAX Commercial brokers stand ready to lead the charge into a dynamic and prosperous future.