microsoft has committed 15 billion in investment to the ai company g42 which is under us scrutiny due to its connections with china 146


Microsoft has committed $1.5 billion in investment to the AI company G42, which is under U.S. scrutiny due to its connections with China


Benjamin Hughes

April 25, 2024 - 01:45 am


Microsoft Invests $1.5 Billion in UAE-Based AI Firm G42 Microsoft is injecting $1.5 billion into G42, an artificial intelligence company located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), aiming to bolster its foothold in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Microsoft's Involvement Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, will join G42's board of directors as part of the investment deal. This move signifies an expansion of the existing collaboration between the two entities, with Microsoft securing a minority stake in G42.

Partnership Details Under the partnership, G42 will leverage Microsoft Azure, the tech giant's cloud service, to operate its AI applications and services. Additionally, G42 will integrate Microsoft's cloud offerings into its operations.

Focus on Responsible AI Development This investment deal is distinctive due to significant government involvement, with both the U.S. and UAE administrations playing key roles. The collaboration is underpinned by commitments to adhere to stringent regulations and ethical guidelines in AI development and deployment.

Scrutiny over China Ties The deal comes amidst heightened scrutiny on G42's alleged connections with China. Concerns raised by U.S. lawmakers prompted calls for a thorough examination of G42's activities and potential inclusion in trade export blacklists.

Government Assurance To address these concerns, Microsoft and G42 have entered into a comprehensive agreement, closely overseen by both the UAE and U.S. governments, ensuring compliance with trade, security, and responsible AI regulations.

UAE's Tech Ambitions The collaboration between Microsoft and G42 signals a significant advancement for the UAE's aspirations to establish itself as a prominent technology hub in the Middle East. This investment will further bolster the country's position in key areas such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. Initiatives for AI Development In a bid to nurture a skilled AI workforce in the UAE and the broader region, Microsoft and G42 have announced plans to establish a $1 billion fund aimed at supporting developers and fostering innovation in artificial intelligence.