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Markets on Edge: Anticipation Peaks for US Inflation Report Impact


Leo Gonzalez

May 13, 2024 - 22:46 pm


Global Markets Brace for Impact as Key US Inflation Data Looms

Asian equities are set for a tentative start, echoing the uncertain sentiment on Wall Street as market participants eagerly await the release of pivotal US inflation figures. This data is highly anticipated as it has significant implications for the Federal Reserve's future monetary policy direction.

Cautious Optimism Mixed with Uncertainty

On Tuesday, futures markets hinted at modest gains for Hong Kong stocks, while major indices in Tokyo and Sydney indicated a potential for little fluctuation at the open. This comes in the wake of subdued activity across US stocks, bonds, and the dollar as the markets collectively hold their breath for the forthcoming consumer price index. The expectation is for the inflation numbers to reflect a slight easing, albeit with rates still elevated enough to put a pause on any discussions of interest rate cuts. Meanwhile, US futures maintained a steady posture during early Asian trade hours.

Warnings of Market Volatility Ahead

In advance of the inflation data release, some of the most well-known trading desks have raised alerts about imminent volatility. Predictions from the options market suggest that the S&P 500 is likely to experience a move of 1% in either direction post the CPI announcement. According to Andrew Tyler at JPMorgan Chase & Co., all eyes are on the CPI report, which could swing high, thus increasing inflationary pressures, or reflect weakening growth, raising fears of recession or 'stagflation.' Amid heightened expectations for inflation, the Fed Bank of New York's survey on Monday further underscored growing concerns by marking an uptick.

Long Positions and "Green Sweeps"

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s Scott Rubner expressed that US stocks and bonds could see an upward risk in the current week as traders continue to amass long positions. A significant buying trend—or a "green sweep" as Goldman's models show— suggests that investors will likely remain buyers even if the market dips.

GameStop's Surge and China's Fiscal Measures

Intriguing movements were seen with the S&P 500 hovering around 5,220. GameStop Corp. witnessed a significant uptick following a cryptic social media post from Keith Gill, also known as "Roaring Kitty," who was a central figure in the 2021 meme-stock phenomenon. Meanwhile, the yield on US 10-year Treasury notes edged down marginally to 4.49%.

The atmosphere was more buoyant in Asia following China's announcement that it will initiate the issuance of a massive 1 trillion yuan ($138 billion) batch of ultra-long special sovereign bonds. This move is part of President Xi Jinping’s strategy to bolster fiscal support for the economy, which is currently grappling with challenges stemming from a property market crisis and faltering consumer confidence.

Australia's Strong Fiscal Position and BHP's Takeover Ambitions

In other financial news, Australia’s Treasurer Jim Chalmers is set to report that the country's financial records are in surplus for a consecutive year, placing Australia in a leading position among its peers in the developed world when it comes to fiscal health. In the resource sector, market participants are closely monitoring the next phase of BHP Group's ongoing takeover attempts after a $43 billion bid for mining giant Anglo American Plc was turned down.

Assessing Signals from US Data

Before the critical CPI figures release, the market's attention will turn to Tuesday's US producer prices data to gauge how various categories might influence the Federal Reserve's preferred inflation barometer—the personal consumption expenditures price index. Additionally, the same day promises insights from Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

Equities Face Two-Tailed Risk, Say Analysts

Ohsung Kwon at Bank of America Corp. suggests that the pressure points for rate-sensitive equity sectors stemming from an unexpected CPI result could overweigh the downside if inflation exceeds expectations. He predicts equity markets might tolerate higher inflation levels if rate hikes are off the table, implying a near-term settling of inflationary concerns.

Stifel Nicolaus & Co.'s Barry Bannister speculates that a lack of progress on inflation will likely trigger a drawback in US stocks in the ensuing months, which could see the S&P 500 dip by approximately 10% during the second or third quarter, heading towards 4,750.

Duncan Toms, leading a team of strategists at HSBC, suggests a CPI report that aligns with forecasts could spur additional gains in risk-assets, removing at least some of the inflationary shadows in the near future.

Technical Insights: The Stock Market at a Critical Crossroads

Technical analysts like Matt Maley at Miller Tabak + Co. warn of critical levels for the stock market. The S&P 500 has experienced a significant drop in April followed by a noteworthy recovery, which positions it precariously for a potential "double top" – an ominous indicator in technical analysis. Maley emphasizes that a significant reversal in the wake of this week's inflation data could spell trouble, whereas a rally that propels major indices to new highs would be a decidedly bullish signal.

Retail Insights and Economic Data to Shed Light on Consumer Behavior

As the week proceeds, data from the retail sector will provide additional context, with corporate giants like Walmart Inc. and Home Depot Inc. offering a glimpse into consumer sentiment in an environment tinged with concerns over increasing unemployment.

Corporate Developments At A Glance:

Several noteworthy developments in the corporate sphere caught the market's attention:

  • Apple Inc. is nearing a deal to integrate the technology of AI firm OpenAI into the iPhone, signaling a push for enhanced AI functionalities across its devices (source).
  • Johnson & Johnson finalized a $4 billion bond sale to fund the acquisition of Shockwave Medical Inc., seizing on favorable conditions in the debt markets to facilitate the $13.1 billion buyout.
  • Following its largest acquisition, Nasdaq Inc. is exploring the sale of portfolio management software provider Solovis, as part of its strategic resizing efforts.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. has started to engage with potential buyers for its UK-based Boots drugstore chain, valued around £7 billion ($8.8 billion).
  • UBS Group AG CEO Sergio Ermotti announced plans to remain at the helm until the Credit Suisse integration is complete, potentially extending his leadership for close to four years.
  • Anglo American Plc has rejected a second $43 billion acquisition proposal from BHP Group, amid growing pressures on the 107-year-old mining firm to justify its independent trajectory.

Key Events to Watch This Week:

The economic calendar is dense with key events, likely to influence market direction:

  • Germany's CPI and ZEW survey expectations, set to release on Tuesday.
  • Speeches by influential financial figures including the Bank of England's economist Huw Pill, Fed Chair Jerome Powell and ECB Governing Council member Klaas Knot, all taking place on Tuesday.
  • A series of economic data points including the US PPI, China's interest rate decision, and Eurozone industrial production, among others, slotted for mid-week.
  • Towards the end of the week, avid attention will be paid to Japan's GDP and industrial production data, as well as US housing stats and industrial production figures.

Market Movements at a Glance:

The tepid movement across various markets reflects the apprehension and wait-and-see approach prevalent among investors:

  • Stocks: The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 saw minimal changes, mirroring the steady status of futures.
  • Currencies: The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index and major currencies like the Japanese yen and the offshore yuan showed little movement, indicating a wait-and-see approach.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin saw a slight decrease, while Ether remained largely unchanged.
  • Bonds: The yield on 10-year Treasuries saw a slight decline.
  • Commodities: West Texas Intermediate crude saw a minor uptick, while spot gold prices inched higher.

This recap provides an overview of the restrained movements as the market gears up for an impactful week that holds key inflation data and corporate insights.

With data and guidance from Bloomberg L.P. (Bloomberg), the week promises to be a pivotal one for global markets. Investors stand on precipice, ready to interpret and react to the upcoming tide of economic reports, corporate announcements, and consumer insights, all of which are destined to shape market dynamics for the foreseeable future.


Global markets find themselves at a potentially volatile juncture as the anticipated US inflation data stands to heavily influence the Federal Reserve's policy roadmap. With corporate developments and key economic events unfolding, investors are advised to remain vigilant as the markets pivot on these crucial signals. The coming week, laden with revealing financial data and corporate strategies, will undoubtedly be instrumental in shaping economic sentiment and market behavior across the globe.