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kombucha market fizzles with explosive growth amid health movement 146

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Kombucha Market Fizzles with Explosive Growth Amid Health Movement


Leo Gonzalez

May 6, 2024 - 18:55 pm


Soaring Kombucha Market to Erupt Amid Health Craze

NEW YORK, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The bustling global kombucha market is experiencing a significant surge, projected to expand by an impressive USD 46.93 billion from 2023 to 2027. Embarking on a growth trajectory with a CAGR of over 20.9%, the market is gearing up for an unprecedented upswing during the forecast period, according to the latest findings by Technavio.

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Kombucha Market 2023-2027

Under the lens of meticulous analysis, it has been divulged that the sector's compound annual growth rate is a strong indicator of the widespread consumer adoption and increasing popularity of kombucha beverages worldwide. Those eager to dive deeper into this potent market landscape can obtain a FREE Sample Report from Technavio.

A Deep-Dive into Market Dynamics

This forecasted growth springs from an analysis that spans a base year of 2022, with projections stretching till 2027, reflecting upon historical data from 2017 - 2021. Key industry segments have been identified as Type (Organic and Non-organic) and Distribution Channel (Offline and Online). Renowned companies such as Asheville Kombucha Mamas LLC, Brew Dr. Kombucha, and PepsiCo Inc., to name a few, are deemed pivotal to the industry's advancement.

Within the vast geographic canvas, the market extends across North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East and Africa, and South America. However, it's North America that is anticipated to inject a colossal 34% into the global market growth, turning the spotlight onto the emerging trends and commercial progress in the region.

Regional Spotlight: North America's Kombucha Boom

As we hone in on North America, the region marks an exceptional growth rate within the kombucha market, accounting for a third of global expansion. Such impressive figures hinge upon increasing consumer demand, driven by the likes of Brewers International, an American association spearheading the movement in tea brewing.

The ever-increasing footprint of kombucha products over retail landscapes, from neighborhood convenience stores to sprawling health food stores in the US and Canada, fuels both intended and spontaneous purchases. Riding this wave of widespread availability, Health-ade stands among the leading brands catering to a robust clientele.

Coupled with the rising consumer appetite for functional foods and beverages, the market for kombucha in North America is on an upward spiral. This has been outlined in greater detail along with the market shares of other regions, readily available in the FREE Sample Report provided by Technavio.

Thorough Market Segmentation

The segmentation landscape of the kombucha market is diverse, spanning across different types and distribution channels. Here's a closer look:

By Type:

  1. Organic
  2. Non-organic

By Distribution Channel:

  1. Offline
  2. Online

By Geography:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. APAC
  4. Middle East and Africa
  5. South America

The organic segment has notably outshone its non-organic counterpart, holding sway with a market value of USD 9.89 billion as far back as 2017. The soaring interest in organic kombucha can be credited to an enhanced consumer awareness about the detrimental impact of synthetic substitutes on both health and the environment.

Encompassing products devoid of synthesized fertillizers and pesticides, organic kombucha is frequently associated with improved gut health. Most products that adhere to the USDA's stringent standards are furnished with an organic label, solidifying the trust and assurance among consumers. This inclination towards more sustainable and health-conscious consumption is a clear indicator of the burgeoning demand for organic products across various sectors.

You can explore the detailed market contributions of other segments by accessing a FREE Sample Report right away.

Insightful Research and Analysis

The current analysis underlines the undeniable allure of kombucha in the health and wellness realm. The burgeoning trend of functional beverages, especially those encompassing natural and organic compositions, continues to proliferate globally. Access to these drinks is improving, broadening their consumer appeal, while industry branding strategies emphasize the associated wellness and lifestyle benefits.

An emerging do-it-yourself kombucha culture is thriving, showcasing a penchant for local and artisanal products. Moreover, packaging innovations, such as the transition from traditional glass bottles to convenient aluminum cans, cater to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences.

Assisting the homemade kombucha movement are an array of cookware and cookbooks, while ready-to-drink options offer unrivaled convenience for the consumer on the go. Celebrity endorsements have been influential, further bolstering the craft beverage segment, backed by health influencers.

The infusion of innovative product offerings delivers familiar flavors and bespoke nutritional benefits. Fermentation processes engaging beneficial bacteria, yeast, and sugar culminate in a SCOBY brimming with probiotics conducive to digestive health, blood pressure regulation, and heart wellness. The burgeoning interest in immunity-boosting attributes and fresh tastes like hibiscus lime and lavender are increasing consumer engagement, with regulatory bodies diligently upholding quality standards.

Kombucha Market Overview: A Synopsis

Kombucha, a market fueled by the appeal of fermented probiotic drinks made from green or black tea, is thriving. Laden with beneficial gut flora, this category offers a medley of health benefits. Amid the proliferation of a health-conscious consumer base, kombucha tantalizes taste buds with a refreshing taste and the proverbial promise of wellness.

As demand accelerates for this fizzy tea, buoyed by its effervescent taste and the fabled health dividends, the market dynamics are shifting. Connoisseurs of this bubbly concoction find solace in its natural fermentation process that delivers a charismatic brew teeming with gut health support. With an assortment of flavors and ingredients, kombucha carves a formidable niche within the probiotic beverage industry.

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Key Topics Highlighted

The report by Technavio shines light on critical subject matter pertinent to the kombucha market:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Market Landscape
  3. Market Sizing
  4. Historic Market Size
  5. Five Forces Analysis
  6. Market Segmentation
  7. Customer Landscape
  8. Geographic Landscape
  9. Drivers, Challenges, and Trends
  10. Vendor Landscape
  11. Vendor Analysis
  12. Appendix

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The comprehensive report and its substantial findings chart the course forward, detailing the bubbly journey of kombucha's rising star in the beverage world.

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