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Kamux Corporation Enhances Market Position with Strategic Share Buyback


Lauren Miller

April 3, 2024 - 15:55 pm


Kamux Corporation Announces Share Repurchase on Helsinki Stock Exchange

Helsinki, April 3, 2024 – Kamux Corporation, renowned for its extensive used car retail chain, has executed a significant share repurchase transaction on the Helsinki Stock Exchange as reported in a recent Stock Exchange Release. The buyback took place on April 3, 2024, reflecting the company's ongoing commitment to strategically manage its share capital.

Transaction Details on the Trading Floor

The transaction unfolded amidst the trading day on April 3, where Kamux Corporation entered the market as a buyer. A total of 4,675 shares were repurchased, aligning with the company’s strategic initiatives. Each share was acquired at an average cost of €5.7909, culminating in a total expense of €27,072.46 for the organization.

This recent activity exemplifies the company’s dedication to not only expanding its business but also strengthening its financial framework by investing back into the organization. After the acquisition of these shares, Kamux Corporation's holdings now encompass a cumulative total of 70,728 shares, including the freshly obtained shares from this latest transaction.

Financial Institutions Facilitating the Share Repurchase

On behalf of Kamux Corporation, Nordea Bank Oyj, a major financial services group in the Nordic region, facilitated the transaction. Janne Sarvikivi and Sami Huttunen, representatives of the bank, oversaw the execution of the buyback process, ensuring its successful completion in accordance with regulatory requirements and corporate governance best practices.

Spokesperson for Kamux

For further information regarding this impactful financial maneuver, Kamux Corporation has directed inquiries to its Chief Financial Officer, Jukka Havia, who can be reached by telephone. Jukka's wealth of knowledge and financial expertise will undoubtedly provide insightful context to this strategic decision and its relevance to the company’s financial health.

In communicating with stakeholders, Kamux has consistently maintained transparent and proactive channels of communication, a factor that has contributed to its reputation as a trustworthy and responsible entity in the automotive market.

A Snapshot of Kamux's Rapid Expansion and Service Excellence

Kamux has made remarkable strides since its establishment in 2003 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. It has built a robust business model that harmoniously blends online and showroom sales, prioritizing exceptional customer service and convenience. As a result, the company operates 78 car showrooms across Finland, Sweden, and Germany, drawing upon the strengths of both physical and digital retail channels.

Marking impressive milestones in its journey, Kamux has sold over half a million used cars to date, with a notable 68,257 vehicles sold in the year 2023 alone. Demonstrating robust growth, the company reported revenue of €1,002 million in 2023, a testament to its effective strategy and operational excellence. The company’s workforce, comprising an average number of 885 full-time equivalent employees, has been instrumental in driving Kamux’s success and supporting its expansive showroom network.

Kamux's Stock Market Presence

Kamux Corporation has made its presence known in the stock market, with its listing on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. This public listing has allowed the company to attract investments and scale its operations effectively while providing a transparent mechanism for the trading of its shares.

The investment community can access detailed information about the company's performance and strategic initiatives through its investor relations activities and regular financial disclosures. By engaging with shareholders and the financial community, Kamux upholds its commitment to transparency and accountability in the highly competitive automotive industry.

Further Information and Company Resources

Those interested in obtaining more details about Kamux and its various initiatives can visit the company’s website. The platform offers a comprehensive overview of Kamux’s business model, its integrated services, and the significant strides the company has made in the used car market.

Moreover, additional information and the full press release related to the recent share repurchase can be found on Cision’s news distribution service. This release provides specifics on the transaction and its alignment with the company’s broader financial strategies.

Access to Official Documentation

For the convenience of stakeholders and analysts, Kamux Corporation and Cision have provided downloadable content related to the share repurchase. This content includes the official release and a detailed spreadsheet containing trade specifics, further reinforcing the company's commitment to transparency and ease of access to corporate information.

Interested parties can download these documents using the provided links, which leads to PDF and Excel files containing the pertinent information regarding the company's recent shares trade:

These files serve as official records of the transaction and are invaluable resources for those closely monitoring Kamux Corporation's financial dynamics and market activities.


Kamux Corporation's recent share repurchase activity marks a significant investment by the company into its own equity, reflecting confidence in its future growth and stability. As the company continues to leverage its unique sales strategy that combines a robust online presence with an extensive network of car showrooms, it solidifies its position in the European used car market.

This strategic share buyback initiative will likely be well received by investors and industry analysts as an indication of a sound financial outlook. It underscores Kamux's proactive approach to capital management and its steadfast commitment to enhancing shareholder value. With a clear vision for the future and a track record of sustained business performance, Kamux Corporation remains at the forefront of the used car retail industry.

As the automotive industry evolves with technology and consumer preferences shift towards more sustainable and cost-effective transportation options, Kamux's focused business model, combining digital innovation with traditional sales tactics, positions it well to adapt and thrive. The company proves its capacity for growth and adaptability, not only through its financial endeavors, such as this share repurchase but also through its deep understanding of market trends and customer needs.

In conclusion, the recently conducted share repurchase by Kamux Corporation signifies a pivotal moment that encapsulates the company's robust financial acumen and its agile approach to market challenges. As Kamux continues to expand its operations and enhance its service offerings, it remains a company to watch in the ever-evolving automotive sector.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Jukka Havia, CFO Kamux Corporation Tel. +358 50 355 3757

Visit Kamux website

For the press release, visit:

Direct link to the share repurchase details:,c3956094

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