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Investors Unite Against Nextdoor Holdings in Securities Fraud Allegations


Lauren Miller

March 27, 2024 - 19:25 pm


Investors on Alert: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Nextdoor Holdings, Inc.

NEW YORK, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The prominent law firm Pomerantz LLP has declared the filing of a class action lawsuit targeting Nextdoor Holdings, Inc., previously identified as Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co. II ("Nextdoor" or the "Company") (NYSE: KIND). Investors affected by the actions of the company are recommended to establish contact with Danielle Peyton by sending an email to [email protected] or by dialing 646-581-9980 or toll-free at 888.4-POMLAW, Ext. 7980. It is suggested that electronic mail correspondences should include full names, postal addresses, contact numbers, and the volume of shares acquired.

A Question of Securities Fraud and Unlawful Practices

The root of the lawsuit lies in allegations surrounding whether Nextdoor has been involved in securities fraud or other illegal business activities. This has raised significant concerns among investors and puts the conduct and governance of the company's officers and directors under intense scrutiny.

Investors who believe they have been affected have until April 29, 2024, to petition the Court for appointment as Lead Plaintiff for the class. This role is crucial as it allows a shareholder to represent other members in directing the litigation. For those keen to learn more, a document detailing the complaint has been made available for review at the website

Declining Performance Reports Spark Concern

On March 1, 2022, Nextdoor publicly disclosed its financial performance for the fourth quarter and the entire year ending December 31, 2021. The announcement raised red flags as Nextdoor's reported revenue growth rate had declined sharply by 18% from the previous quarter, only experiencing a growth of 48% year-over-year. Additionally, the quarterly average revenue per weekly active user (ARPU) was a mere $1.65, uncovering a significant weakening in growth down to 12% year-over-year – a stark decrease from the 38% growth reported in the third quarter. These statistics suggested a troubling trend in the company's monetization strategies and platform performance.

Following these revelations, Nextdoor's stock price took a considerable hit, dropping $0.57 per share, or approximately 14%, closing at $5.39 per share on March 4, 2022. This downturn signaled investor discomfort and eroded market confidence in the company's future prospects.

Nextdoor's Continued Downward Spiral

The situation appeared to worsen when, on November 8, 2022, Nextdoor submitted its quarterly report on Form 10-Q to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, delineating the Company's financial outcomes for the third quarter ending September 30, 2022. The report laid bare the fact that financial deterioration persisted, with a striking revelation that the Company's revenues for the quarter had contracted sequentially by $1 million to a total of $54 million – demonstrating a paltry 2% year-over-year growth. Even more concerning was the increasingly negative quarter-over-quarter ARPU growth, diminishing by 12% compared to the same period the previous year.

Amplified by these disclosures, the stock price of Nextdoor weakened further, plummeting another $0.26 per share or 11.21%, and ultimately closing at a low of $2.06 per share on November 9, 2022. This incremental loss further exacerbated the concerns of the investment community.

Pomerantz LLP: Advocates for Investor Rights

Renowned for its expertise in corporate, securities, and antitrust class litigation, Pomerantz LLP, with offices situated strategically across global business hubs like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv, is hailed as a premier class action law firm. The legacy of the firm dates back over 85 years originating from the visionary Abraham L. Pomerantz, a venerated figure often referred to as the class action bar's dean. Over the years, Pomerantz LLP has carved a niche for itself by representing victims of securities fraud, fiduciary duty breaches, and various forms of corporate misconduct. The firm's legacy includes securing multi-billion dollar compensations for its class member clients. More information on their litany of accomplishments and services can be obtained at

In keeping with professional ethical standards, Pomerantz LLP clarifies that their communications constitute attorney advertising. They stress that past outcomes do not reliably predict or guarantee similar future results.

Contact Information

For more details, inquiries can be directed to Danielle Peyton of Pomerantz LLP. Communications can be made via email by contacting [email protected], or by telephone at 646-581-9980, extension 7980.

In summation, this Pomerantz LLP announcement serves as a crucial alert to investors in Nextdoor Holdings, Inc. who may have incurred losses due to alleged corporate wrongdoing. The firm stands ready to address grievances and lead the charge in seeking redress and accountability on behalf of the shareholders aggrieved during the class period.

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Pomerantz Pursues Justice for Shareholders

With the filing announced by Pomerantz LLP, shareholders of Nextdoor Holdings, Inc. are being given a platform to challenge the suspected illicit actions that may have negatively impacted their investments. This legal pursuit underscores the sensitivity of market transactions to the disclosure of financial performance and the adverse effects that the alleged mismanagement can cast on investor trust and the company’s valuation.

The details emerging from the class action lawsuit paint a concerning picture of a technology company that, after a period of promising growth, appears to have hit a barrier. The sequential decline in both revenue growth and ARPU demonstrate potential underlying issues in Nextdoor's business model or market strategy, issues that have directly led to significant shareholder losses.

Legal Recourse for Disenchanted Investors

As investors rally behind the class action lawsuit spearheaded by Pomerantz LLP, there is an opportunity for collective legal action. Shareholders who have seen the value of their investments in Nextdoor Holdings, Inc. erode have until April 29, 2024, to request the court to appoint them as Lead Plaintiff, a crucial role in directing the litigation proceedings. The Lead Plaintiff will act on behalf of all class members in negotiating with the defendant or, if necessary, representing the class's claim before the court.

The date is swiftly approaching, and those holding shares and feeling aggrieved by the alleged fraudulent activities of Nextdoor are urged to take action. Investors desiring to join the class action can find more information and the necessary forms provided in the links contained within the lawsuit announcement.

Financial Instabilities Cause Market Trepidation

The financial revelations brought forward by Nextdoor in its reports are indicative of unsettling instability within the company's operations. The stark downshift from a noteworthy 38% growth rate to a mere 12% casts a shadow on what were once perceived as promising acceleration trends in growth. This slowdown has significant implications for the company’s potential to attract and maintain user engagement as well as to effectively monetize its social platform.

Such financial instabilities naturally resonate within the investor community, stirring trepidations about the solidity of their investments. The market’s response – a notable slump in Nextdoor's share value – reflects the profundity of these concerns and raises serious questions about the future trajectory of the company.

Next Steps for Affected Shareholders

Nextdoor shareholders seeking to align with the class action can reach out to the indicated contact, Danielle Peyton, for further details concerning their participation. The communication should be thorough, providing the investor's identification and the magnitude of shares impacted. This initial step towards collective legal action is an essential measure for investors to potentially achieve compensation and see that justice is served.

For the unfolding class action lawsuit against Nextdoor Holdings, Inc., shareholders are represented by the experienced hands of Pomerantz LLP – a firm that maintains an unyielding stance in the face of corporate transgressions. As the firm readies for litigation, investors across the globe watch closely and prepare for the legal battles ahead that will unearth the truth behind the alleged misleading practices that have harmed their financial interests.


This news article is for informational purposes and does not implicate any individual's guilt or innocence prior to a court decision. The document presented here is based on information made available to the public and may not encompass the entirety of the case or its details. Pomerantz LLP issues a reminder that attorney advertisement does not presage comparable accomplishment or outcomes. Entities and individuals should seek legal guidance tailored to their specific circumstances and refrain from forming conclusive opinions purely on the basis of this article.

In Conclusion:

As these proceedings move forward, the imperative question in the eyes of many is whether justice and reparative measures will mark the outcome of this notable legal engagement. Investors of Nextdoor Holdings, Inc., along with the broader market audience, will be keeping a keen watch on what comes next in this pivotal class action lawsuit.

For more information about joining the class action, please click the following link: Join the Class Action.

Pomerantz LLP's determination to safeguard the rights of investors and bring to light possible corporate wrongdoing resonates with the guild of legal advocates who continually seek to maintain corporate accountability in the financial realm. The eyes of the concerned shareholders and market watchers are now set on the courtroom as they await due process and judicial clarity.