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hexagon composites champions transparency ahead of agm 146

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Hexagon Composites Champions Transparency Ahead of AGM


Benjamin Hughes

March 22, 2024 - 08:26 am


Hexagon Composites Prepares for Annual General Meeting with Comprehensive Agenda and Documents

OSLO, Norway, March 22, 2024 – In an announcement that signals a critical juncture in corporate governance and shareholder engagement, Hexagon Composites ASA (OSE: HEX.OL) has slated its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for April 17, 2024, with proceedings set to begin at 12:30 CEST. Stakeholders are invited to gather at the company’s headquarters located at Korsegata 4B in Aalesund, Norway, where a series of substantial items are on the agenda for discussion and approval.

A Path to Transparent Governance

Ahead of this pivotal meeting, Hexagon has released several key documents to its shareholders to ensure transparency and encourage informed participation. This suite of materials provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s performance and proposed initiatives for the coming year. The documents attached for shareholder review include:

  • The official notice for the Annual General Meeting, along with forms necessary for participation, either in person or via proxy. This also encompasses the proposed resolutions from the Board of Directors.
  • Recommendations that have been carefully considered and put forth by the Nomination Committee.
  • The remuneration report for the year 2023, offering insight into the company's compensation practices.
  • The proposed guidelines for executive management remuneration for the year 2024, outlining a framework for compensating top-level executives.

These documents can be found on Hexagon's dedicated AGM web page, facilitating easy access for shareholders to stay informed and participate effectively in the governance process. The full suite of AGM materials, including the annual report for 2023, is accessible at Hexagon Composites AGM Information.

Contact and Company Overview

Further inquiries regarding the AGM and other matters can be directed to Ingrid Aarsnes, VP Investor Relations & ESG of Hexagon Composites ASA. Interested parties can reach Ms. Aarsnes via email at [email protected] for comprehensive information.

Hexagon Composites ASA has positioned itself as a leader in delivering secure and innovative solutions that cater to an expanding demand for cleaner energy alternatives. The company specializes in developing products that are essential for the storage, transportation, and conversion of clean energy within diverse sectors, including mobility, industry, and various consumer applications. Additional information about Hexagon’s initiatives and strategic direction can be gained by visiting and by following the company's updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Source and Additional Information

This press release and the information contained within it has been disseminated by Cision, a trusted global provider of news distribution and media monitoring services. To read more about the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Hexagon Composites ASA or to download the associated files, please visit Cision's news portal at

For direct access to the files available for download regarding the AGM, the following links have been provided:

  • The Notification of the Annual General Meeting 2024, including proxy and attendance forms, is available for review and download here.

  • Recommendations put forward by the Nomination Committee can be viewed and downloaded via this link.

  • The comprehensive Remuneration Report for Hexagon Composites for the fiscal year 2023 can be accessed here.

  • The Guidelines for Remuneration of Executive Management 2024 document is available for stakeholders’ perusal here.

Embracing a Greener Future Through Innovation

As international efforts to combat climate change intensify, Hexagon Composites ASA continues to be at the forefront of the transition towards a greener economy. The company’s solutions are essential in the push for reducing carbon footprints across various sectors. By focusing on the development of advanced storage and delivery systems for clean energy, such as hydrogen and natural gas, Hexagon has established itself as a pivotal player in sustainable energy technologies.

The upcoming Annual General Meeting is more than just a customary corporate event; it is an affirmation of Hexagon’s sustained commitment to innovation, good governance, and responsible management. With critical resolutions and guidelines on the agenda, this year's AGM stands as a significant event shaping the company’s strategy and its alignment with global environmental goals.

A Stakeholder-Centric Approach to Corporate Conduct

Ensuring active and meaningful shareholder participation remains a cornerstone of Hexagon's corporate philosophy. In preparation for the AGM, the company has taken steps to provide all pertinent information well in advance, reinforcing its dedication to transparency and stakeholder rights. The distribution of detailed proposals, reports, and recommendations facilitates an environment where shareholder voices can be heard, and their concerns addressed.

This proactive approach empowers investors to make well-informed decisions regarding proposals related to executive compensation, corporate strategy, and the election of board members. The materials provided by Hexagon not only satisfy the legal requisites of corporate disclosures but also reflect a deeper commitment to fostering trust and ensuring an accurate reflection of shareholder interests in company affairs.

Leveraging Technology for Clean Energy Solutions

In describing its purpose, Hexagon underscores the importance of technology in its pursuit to enable a transition to cleaner energy sources. Their cutting-edge solutions cater to a broad spectrum of applications—from transportation systems like buses and trucks to mobile pipelines and even light-duty passenger vehicles. Hexagon’s technology is integral to the deployment of fuel cells and batteries, playing a key role in managing the challenges associated with the energy transition. With each innovation, Hexagon contributes tangibly to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable energy use.

The scrutinized documents that are to be presented at the AGM reflect the measures Hexagon takes to maintain its competitive edge through responsible corporate stewardship and strategic planning. As stakeholders review these documents, they are offered a window into not only the financial metrics and corporate strategies but also the values and vision that propel Hexagon forward.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices and Growth

Hexagon Composites’ clear focus on sustainability is evident in its product offerings and is further reinforced by its corporate governance. The company’s commitment is to ensure that its innovative products do not just fuel growth but also align with ethical business practices and sustainable development criteria.

The insights provided by the remuneration report and executive management guidelines shed light on how Hexagon aligns its compensation strategies with its performance goals, particularly its sustainability benchmarks. By tying executive incentives to the achievement of sustainability targets, Hexagon sets a precedent for how a company can incentivize responsible and environmentally conscious leadership.

The Role of Governance in Sustaining Innovation

As the AGM approaches, shareholders are reminded of the critical role governance plays in sustaining innovation and driving corporate success. The adoption of the proposed resolutions and the selection of board members lay the groundwork for Hexagon's operations in the forthcoming year. Thus, the AGM is not only a requirement of statutory compliance but also a forum for charting the company's future trajectory.

The careful consideration of the Nomination Committee's recommendations and the executive management remuneration guidelines will determine how adeptly Hexagon navigates the complexities of an evolving energy market. These decisions, shaped by stakeholder input, ultimately influence the company’s capacity to innovate and deliver on its promise of providing safe, clean energy solutions.

Encouraging Shareholder Involvement and Informed Decision-Making

In fostering a culture of accountability and proactive communication, Hexagon Composites ASA underscores the importance of shareholder involvement. The company's meticulous distribution of AGM-related documents is intended to engage shareholders not just as passive observers but as active contributors to Hexagon's direction.

By providing comprehensive data and exhaustive elaborations on each agenda item, Hexagon ensures that shareholders can make informed decisions, contributing to a democratic and effective decision-making process. This level of involvement is paramount, especially when assessing the strategic resolutions that have considerable implications for the company's operational thrust and environmental commitments.

Conclusion: A Pivotal Event for Hexagon and Its Stakeholders

As all eyes turn to the forthcoming AGM of Hexagon Composites ASA, it is clear that the event will embody the ethos of transparent governance and mindfulness towards a sustainable future. The meeting is not merely a procedural checkpoint but a convergence of minds committed to steering the company towards a cleaner and more responsible energy landscape.

Investors and stakeholders who wish to contribute to this pivotal discourse are encouraged to review the AGM documents provided and participate in shaping the future of Hexagon Composites. Whether through in-person attendance or proxy representation, every shareholder has a voice in this crucial assembly. The outcomes of the AGM will not only reflect the values of the company but also the shared commitment to innovation, growth, and environmental stewardship within the industry.