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GoldMining Inc.'s Strategic Leadership Soars with Overwhelming Shareholder Support


Benjamin Hughes

May 17, 2024 - 00:22 am


GoldMining Inc. Celebrates Triumph at Annual General Meeting with Complete Director Slate Approved

VANCOUVER, BC, May 16, 2024 — GoldMining Inc. ("the Company" or "GoldMining") (TSX: GOLD) (NYSE: GLDG) is elated to reveal the successful election of its proposed slate of directors at its celebrated annual general meeting on May 16, 2024 ("the Meeting"). This pivotal gathering, which saw a robust management information circular dated March 25, 2024 come into play, re-established the torchbearers guiding one of the most influential entities in the realm of gold exploration.

Amid ardent discussions and palpable anticipation, a quorum that represented 32.49% of the voting rights tied to the outstanding shares assembled, either personally or through proxies. This turnout reflects the shareholders' unwavering commitment to their investments and showcases the importance placed on the guidance the Company receives from its directors.

In a display of resounding support, the roster composed of eight management-nominated individuals ascended to directorship in a resolute fashion. The detailed official vote tallies stood as testament to the confidence vested by the shareholder community. The breakdown of the vote is as follows:

The Indomitable Eight: Directors Elected with Overwhelming Majority

| Director | Total Votes For | Total Votes | % of Votes For | | --- | --- | --- | --- | | Amir Adnani | 31,193,565 | 33,899,057 | 92.02% | | David Garofalo | 31,215,384 | 33,903,847 | 92.07% | | Garnet Dawson | 32,014,502 | 33,896,287 | 94.45% | | David Kong | 31,947,337 | 33,891,443 | 94.26% | | Gloria Ballesta | 23,184,218 | 33,903,827 | 68.38% | | Hon. Herb Dhaliwal | 31,896,964 | 33,886,279 | 94.13% | | Mario Bernardo Garnero | 32,045,008 | 33,901,443 | 94.52% | | Anna Tudela | 31,853,340 | 33,903,835 | 93.95% |

This enumeration not only illustrates the sweeping endorsement but also shines a spotlight on the distinguished leadership team, ready to take the helm. Every director achieved a commanding percentage of the votes cast, signaling the shareholder base's trust and affirmative assurance toward the strategic vision set forth by the management.

Furthermore, in an additional facet of the assembly, shareholders agreed upon the reappointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, revered Chartered Professional Accountants, demonstrating a continuous trust in their capacities as the Company's auditors for the upcoming fiscal year.

The thorough voting outcomes were made publicly available for investors' perusal on SEDAR+ at, reaffirming GoldMining Inc.'s commitment to transparency and openness in its corporate governance practices.

The Golden Frontier: A Look Inside GoldMining Inc.

GoldMining Inc. has etched its place in the mineral exploration terrain with a laser focus on accruing and nurturing gold assets across the length and breadth of the Americas. Its judicious acquisition strategy has not just been about expansion but crafting a portfolio that resonates with diversity and a mosaic of resource-stage gold and gold-copper projects. Straddling Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, GoldMining's projects represent a strategic footprint in some of the world's most prolific gold belts.

In addition, the Company boasts a significant stake in the industry through its ownership of approximately 21.5 million shares of Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE American: GROY), 9.9 million shares of U.S. GoldMining Inc. (Nasdaq: USGO), and 26.7 million shares of NevGold Corp. (TSXV:NAU). An impressive ledger that speaks to a sound investment ethos and a forward-looking approach to sustaining and enhancing shareholder value.

For further details and to gain deeper insights into GoldMining's endeavors, investors and interested parties are encouraged to visit the corporate website at, where comprehensive information awaits.


GoldMining Inc.'s towering achievement at its annual general meeting can magnanimously be attributed to the unshakable faith of its shareholders in the Company’s strategic roadmap for growth and prosperity. With a freshly endorsed directorate panel at the vanguard, the company undoubtedly looks forward to a radiant future, charting a course through the rich veins of opportunities lying in the ore-laden landscapes of the Americas. Undeniably, this assembly marked yet another golden chapter in the annals of GoldMining Inc., as it continues its endless quest for golden crests.

POSTSCRIPT This news release pertains to the most recent developments within GoldMining Inc. and serves as a formal communication regarding the company's latest corporate assembly outcomes.

SOURCE GoldMining Inc.

Access the detailed voting results for the Meeting on SEDAR+

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