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Ericsson Unveils First-Quarter 2024 Financial Report with Live Insight Webcast


Lauren Miller

April 2, 2024 - 07:21 am


Ericsson Gears Up for Q1 2024 Financial Report Release and Live Webcast Briefing

STOCKHOLM, April 2, 2024—Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), a global leader in telecommunications, has announced its plans for the upcoming release of its first-quarter financial report for the year 2024. Scheduled for publication at approximately 7:00 AM Central European Summer Time (CEST) on April 16, 2024, the report is expected to deliver insights into the company's financial performance.

Following the release, the complete financial report will be presented in a detailed press release with inclusive tables in PDF format. Interested stakeholders, such as analysts, investors, and journalists, can access the comprehensive financial report following the press release on Ericsson's official website at

An Interactive Webcast for Stakeholders

To add a layer of interaction, President and CEO Börje Ekholm, along with CFO Lars Sandström, will partake in a live video webcast to discuss the quarterly report. The webcast is scheduled for 9:00 AM CEST on the same day of the report's release. This will provide an opportunity for a comprehensive dialogue regarding the company's financial standing and future outlook, offering an extensive Q&A session. Attendees from different time zones can join the discussion at 8:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for London and at the early hours of 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) for New York.

For those interested in participating in the webcast, the company has made available joining instructions and has encouraged individuals to visit for more information. For those intending to pose questions during the webcast, it is advised that they access the necessary dial-in information ahead of time.

If individuals cannot witness the webcast in real-time, a recording will be accessible for on-demand viewing subsequent to the event. As with the live session, the recorded version will be available through Ericsson's website, ensuring everyone has the chance to receive the same informative updates.

Engagement and Updates via Social Media and Newsletters

Ericsson also encourages the public to stay informed about its latest news and developments through various platforms. Subscribers eager to receive press releases from Ericsson can sign up here. Furthermore, Ericsson routinely publishes informative blog posts, which curious readers can subscribe to here.

In addition to these update services, Ericsson is active on social media channels, where it shares insights, corporate news, and industry trends. The public can connect with Ericsson on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for real-time updates and engagement with the brand.

More Resources for Media and Analysts

The Ericsson Newsroom is another valuable resource for news relating to the company. Those needing additional information or with specific inquiries can utilise the following contacts:

About Ericsson

Ericsson has been at the forefront of telecommunications, enabling communication service providers and enterprises to harness the full potential of connectivity. The company's extensive portfolio covers various critical business areas such as Networks, Cloud Software and Services, Enterprise Wireless Solutions, Global Communications Platform, and Technologies and New Businesses. Ericsson's offerings are carefully crafted to support customers in digital transitions, boosting efficiency, and discovering novel revenue streams.

With innovation at its core, Ericsson has been instrumental in bringing the convenience and benefits of mobility and mobile broadband to people worldwide. Reflecting the global scope of its operations and its significance in the market, Ericsson's stocks hold prominent positions on Nasdaq Stockholm and Nasdaq New York. For more insights into Ericsson's services and contributions to the industry, interested parties can visit

For latest updates and insights directly related to the first-quarter financial report of 2024, one can access the full invitation details for the media and analyst briefing via the following link: Ericsson Q1 2024 Report Briefing Invitation.

Invitation to Download Reports and Media Material

Ericsson has ensured transparency and easy accessibility regarding its Q1 2024 report by providing downloadable materials. These include the detailed invitation to the media and analyst briefing for Ericsson's Q1 2024 report, which can be accessed and downloaded from the following link: Download Ericsson Q1 2024 Briefing Invitation.


As Ericsson continues to lead and innovate within the telecommunications sector, the release of its Q1 2024 financial report and the accompanying live webcast briefing stand as crucial events for the company and its stakeholders. With such comprehensive measures in place for information dissemination and engagement, Ericsson maintains its commitment to transparency and communication excellence. Moreover, its efforts to keep the industry and interested parties informed reflect its role as a thought leader in the space.

Those who follow the updates via news releases, blog posts, social media, or participate in webcasts, can expect to gain rich insights into Ericsson's strategies, future plans, and the overall health of the company. While Ericsson's financial reports provide a snapshot of past achievements and challenges faced, they also map out the direction the company is taking to maintain its position as a pioneer in global connectivity solutions.

The anticipation surrounding the upcoming financial report is not merely about the figures themselves but the narratives they unveil about Ericsson's role in shaping the future of global communications. Its portfolio strategy is crucial in a world increasingly relying on digital connectivity, and the first-quarter report will serve as a benchmark for the company's progress in these transformative times.

Enterprising investors, market analysts, media representatives, and the broader technology community eagerly await the disclosure of the Q1 2024 financial results, which promise to provide an in-depth look at Ericsson's operations, market trends, and projections. As the report's release and webcast approach, Ericsson’s steady communication streams keep stakeholders well-prepared for the significant announcements to come.

In essence, Ericsson's approach to reporting, customer engagement, and industry participation exemplifies the company's forward-thinking philosophy. With a long-standing history of spearheading innovation, Ericsson demonstrates how strategic vision combined with effective communication is instrumental in driving progress within the tech industry and beyond.

This comprehensive strategy for shareholder communication not only serves current partners and investors but also invites new participants to consider the value Ericsson brings to the world of telecommunications. The Q1 2024 financial report, along with the subsequent webcast and resources, signifies yet another chapter in the company's story of growth, resilience, and customer-centric innovation.

As the April 16 event draws near, the international business community turns its eyes to Ericsson, anticipating strategic insights that will impact decisions and drive industry growth. The live webcast, in particular, represents an opportunity for direct interaction with the company's leadership, further strengthening Ericsson’s image as a transparent and approachable entity in the tech landscape.

Ericsson’s readiness to share its expertise and financial outlook through the upcoming report and live briefings indicates its dedication to open communication and enduring partnerships. It is this combination of innovation, transparency, and interactive dialogue that continues to position Ericsson as an influential and trusted force in the telecom industry.

This first-quarter financial report provides an amplified understanding of Ericsson’s position within an evolving market, emphasizing its commitment to driving growth and embracing the digital era’s challenges and opportunities. Stakeholders can anticipate a comprehensive overview of the quarter’s achievements and a clear vision for the future, reflective of Ericsson’s ongoing pursuit of excellence.