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Ecuador's Strategic Vision to Boost Foreign Investment


Leo Gonzalez

May 15, 2024 - 19:22 pm


Ecuador Envisions Long-term Stability to Entice More Foreign Investment

In a recent ceremonial event in Quito on November 23, 2023, Sonsoles Garcia was officially appointed as Ecuador’s new trade and production minister. During her inauguration, which was captured by photographer Andres Yepez for Bloomberg, Garcia's commitment to her new role was palpable.

Sonsoles Garcia is sworn in as Ecuador's trade and production minister in Quito on Nov. 23, 2023. Photographer: Andres Yepez/Bloomberg

Government's Roadmap for Investment

In a stirring conversation with Bloomberg TV, Production and Trade Minister Sonsoles Garcia underscored the current administration's drive to create a favorable environment for foreign investment in Ecuador. The government, she notes, is liaising with international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Their guidance is crucial in formulating a steadfast policy that transcends changing political tides and is consistent, regardless of the governing party at the helm.

The administration's vision is to enact a policy framework that, once established, remains a fixture of the economic landscape, facilitating a seamless transition from one government to another without derailing the investment momentum.

Future Legislative Ambitions

In the face of political headwinds, the government is not deterred. A referendum last month witnessed voters overturning proposals for more international arbitration and lifting a ban on temporary work contracts—both viewed as measures to enhance the investment climate. Despite this, President Daniel Noboa, assuming his victory in the next year's elections, intends to push legislation in 2025 that can further refine and bolster the conditions for investing in Ecuador.

Battling Crime for Business Security

Crime remains a formidable challenge, with organized criminal factions fomenting violence that has, in turn, caused the rate of homicides to skyrocket. This landscape has coerced businesses to channel substantial investments into private security measures. However, the tides may be turning. Through legislative discussions on security and enhanced vigilance by police and the military patrolling the streets, Minister Garcia is optimistic about visible improvements over the next months and into the following year, heralding the impact of President Noboa's policy initiatives.

Energy Crisis and Renewable Solutions

The country's electricity supply recently faced hiccups due to a spate of droughts causing hydroelectric reservoir levels to plummet. Addressing this concern head-on, the government harbors ambitions to promote investment in unconventional renewable energy sources. Minister Garcia acknowledges the long road ahead, approximating a five-year timeline, for Ecuador to overcome its energy conundrums completely.

Trade Talks and Aiming for US Free Trade

On an optimistic note, Minister Garcia reveals that preliminary conversations regarding free trade with Canada have commenced on a positive note. As the only nation on the Pacific coast of the Americas without a free-trade agreement with the United States, Ecuador continues to persist in its efforts. Aimed squarely at the legislation under consideration in the US Congress, Ecuador seeks to attain duty-free access, a move that could significantly enhance its trade dynamics with the US.

Read more about the political and economic developments in Ecuador, and Sonsoles Garcia's full interview here: Bloomberg.


The future holds a plethora of potential for this South American nation as it maneuvers through its political processes, battles the scourge of crime, and deliberates on energy solutions. With the minister’s strategic approach and the government’s alignment with international financial guidance, the horizon for investment and trade in Ecuador appears vibrant and welcoming—ushering in a new chapter that beckons global investors to its promising shores.

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