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Dallas Real Estate Booms: Eleven600 Snapped Up for $21M!


Lauren Miller

April 4, 2024 - 18:26 pm


Multifamily Marvel: Eleven600 Acquired by 11600 Audelia Rd, LLC for a Staggering $21 Million

In an atmosphere of continually booming real estate markets, a significant transaction has unfolded in Dallas, which is stirring up the property landscape. The multifamily residential property known as Eleven600 has recently changed hands, and the details of the deal are intriguing to both investors and residents alike.

A Lucrative Real Estate Acquisition

On April 4, 2024, a noteworthy announcement was made by 11600 Audelia Rd, LLC, signaling the successful acquisition of the popular residential community known as Eleven600. The deal was inked at a formidable price tag of $21 million. Prior to the purchase on April 3, the total assessed Real Property value was tendered at approximately $21,020,000. This transaction underscores the burgeoning interest in multi-residential properties within the Dallas region.

Located at 11600 Audelia Road, Eleven600 is not just an address but a haven for those who demand connectivity and convenience. This strategic location promises effortless commutes thanks to its proximity to the I-635, while simultaneously being an oasis of comfort and community living.

An Enclave for Families and Professionals

This gated, family-oriented community is a stark illustration of what modern living is all about. It beautifully blends the necessity for security and the essence of community. Eleven600 is designed to cater to diverse lifestyles, offering both one and two-bedroom units. These homes are outfitted with fully-appointed kitchens that are a culinary enthusiast's dream, sleek new cabinetry that enhances aesthetics, as well as modern lighting, expansive closets for storage ease, and patios or balconies that open up to the tranquil surroundings.

All-Encompassing Amenities

It doesn't end with just beautiful apartments. Eleven600 extends its luxury to community spaces that foster active social interactions and wholesome activities. The clubhouse, complete with a pool table, stands as a testimony to the importance placed on leisure and recreation. Moreover, a well-equipped fitness center, a shimmering swimming pool, a vibrant soccer court, a cheerful playground, and BBQ/picnic areas essentially ensure that all facets of a thriving community life are covered.

The dedication towards a well-rounded lifestyle is further evident as Eleven600 is nestled within the boundaries of the prestigious Richardson Independent School District, a factor that means families are within a stone's throw from top-notch educational facilities.

Adding to the allure for nature enthusiasts and sporty individuals, within a modest distance lies Lake Highlands Park. Here, the offerings include volleyball courts, tennis courts, additional swimming facilities, and playgrounds for the young and young-at-heart, allowing for a diverse array of recreational activities.

Educational Excellence and Recreation Within Reach

With education being a crucial element for family residents, Eleven600 gains an edge by boasting a location that is not more than 2 miles from highly acclaimed schools. The emphasis on proximity to educational institutions resonates with the values of prospective residents who prioritize learning.

Eleven600: A Virtual Tour

To truly appreciate what Eleven600 has to offer, the management extends an invitation to explore their website, providing a digital gateway to this exceptional living space. With a click here, potential residents can embark on an online journey through the property's amenities, floor plans, and community vision. The availability of an online resource facilitates a seamless exploration for interested parties from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Furthermore, a picture speaks a thousand words, and to vividly showcase Eleven600's charm, an array of photographs are made accessible to the public. These photographs capture the architectural grandeur, the lush landscapes, and the vibrant community life. The images can be viewed through a Dropbox link, catering to the curiosity of onlookers and easing the decision-making process for potential residents.

A Testament to Dallas' Thriving Property Market

This acquisition by 11600 Audelia Rd, LLC is not merely a transaction but a testament to the resilience and attractiveness of Dallas' property market. It highlights the city's appeal as an area where the harmony of residential comfort and convenience-driven urban planning coalesce. Properties like Eleven600 are a clear indicator of the value investors see in this Texan city.

The news of Eleven600's transition to new ownership came straight from the source, 11600 Audelia Rd, LLC. In a bid for transparency and to provide details on the deal, the company's media release offered insights into what could be seen as a significant move in the local real estate scene.


In concluding, Eleven600 stands as a sparkling jewel in Dallas' residential property crown. With its strategic location, modern apartments, and amenities designed to enhance community living, it is undeniably a sought-after location for those aiming for an upgraded lifestyle. The smooth transition to new ownership underlines the value and potential of the property.

As Dallas continues to grow and evolve, properties like Eleven600 will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the living experiences of the city's residents. The deal facilitated by 11600 Audelia Rd, LLC is a prominent example of strategic investment and community upliftment working hand in hand, paving the way for more such ventures in the burgeoning Dallas real estate market.

This sizable news article reflects on the pivotal moments of this acquisition and the potential ripple effects that a deal of this magnitude might have on the local housing economy. The acquisition of Eleven600 by 11600 Audelia Rd, LLC is certainly an event poised to mark the positive trajectory of multifamily residential developments in Dallas. However, only time will reveal the full impact of this $21 million transaction on the community and the real estate sector.