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Award-Winning Investigation Exposes Plight of Ukraine's Orphans in War


Lauren Miller

May 17, 2024 - 16:56 pm


Scripps News Triumphs with Top Journalism Honors for "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans" Investigation

ATLANTA, May 17, 2024 – An in-depth investigation launched by Scripps News, uncovering the harrowing journey of Ukrainian orphans forcibly sent to Russia amidst the throes of war, has been acclaimed with two prestigious awards, a testament to journalistic excellence. The gripping series, titled "Scripps News Investigates: Ukraine's Stolen Orphans," clinched both a Deadline Club Award and a New York Press Club Award for its compelling storytelling and investigative depth.

Scripps News Investigates: Ukraine's Stolen Orphans

The acclaimed Scripps News correspondent, Jason Bellini, introduces audiences to the tragedy of innocent Ukrainian orphans, their abductions, and their forced transfers to Russia. The chilling imagery captured by Scripps News, depicting the youngest orphans seized from their homeland, now serves as critical evidence in an international war crimes trial.

Viewers around the globe witnessed this heart-wrenching narrative through the eyes of Denys, a central figure in the series’ exploration of the forced deportations. This December report, which followed Denys' ordeal over two years, culminated this year with Bellini's exclusive story on his successful escape, allowing Denys to finally share his own tale.

One of Ukraine's Stolen Orphans Rescued from Russia

The unparalleled investigative team at Scripps News, contributing to the groundbreaking report, comprises dedicated individuals such as producer Dmytro Horyevoy, Linda Pattillo, the deputy managing editor for investigative and global affairs, as well as Scott McGhee, Alex Brauer, Max McClellan, the executive producer for investigative content, and Washington Bureau Chief and managing editor Steve Turnham.

“This team's remarkable achievements and recognition stem from their relentless two-year coverage of the Russian-Ukraine War," Pattillo reflected. "Jason's reporting has brought the global audience to the war's frontlines as well as into the backdrops of Ukraine, revealing tales of courage and calamity."

Achievements Unfold at the Deadline Club

The Deadline Club, one of the significant chapters of The Society of Professional Journalists, lauded "Scripps News Investigates: Ukraine's Stolen Orphans" with a National TV Series or Investigative Reporting category award, placing Scripps News in distinguished company alongside ABC News and NBC News. Selected from a pool of over 550 entries, Scripps News received its honor on May 16, at the prestigious annual award dinner.

2024 Deadline Club Awards Winners

Excellence Recognized by the New York Press Club

Further solidifying Scripps News' esteemed position in journalism, "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans" was awarded by the New York Press Club for outstanding national continuing coverage in television. The New York Press Club’s annual Journalism Awards celebrate the excellent work by media professionals across writing, reporting, editing, production, and photography. This illustrious competition acknowledges the exceptional contributions of individuals and organizations within the realms of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as those representing New York metro-area news entities on the global stage. The upcoming awards dinner will take place on June 3.

New York Press Club 2024 Awards

Additionally, Bellini and his colleagues at Scripps News were recipients of a third-place National Headliner Award in April, further acknowledging their incisive reporting on "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans."

Experience the Entirety of Bellini's Coverage on the Russian-Ukraine War:

View Bellini's Reporting Here

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Where to Watch Scripps News

Scripps News: A Beacon of Free and Fair Journalism

Scripps News proudly holds the unique distinction of being the nation's sole free 24/7 broadcast news network. It unfailingly presents viewers with opinion-free national and international news across the United States. This illustrious news network works collaboratively with local Scripps stations to cover comprehensive news from over 50 bureaus, ensuring that viewers are well-informed about the world around them. Scripps News is available to more than 94% of U.S. television households free of charge, with a digital antenna, on mobile through the Scripps News app, and online, making news access more universal than ever.

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Contact Information for Media Inquiries

For further insights and context about Scripps News and its award-winning investigations, media representatives can reach out to the contact person below:

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Unwavering Dedication to Journalistic Integrity

The recognition garnered by Scripps News demonstrates the organization's unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity, thorough investigation, and unrelenting pursuit of truth. As these prestigious awards make clear, Scripps News' commitment to first-rate journalism resonates far and wide, cementing their legacy as a network that not only informs but inspires a global audience.


While the tale of "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans" echoes the distressing reality of a war-torn region, the accolades attributed to Scripps News underscore the vital role of responsible journalism in bringing these narratives to the forefront. The painstaking exploration of such stories helps galvanize actions, informs policy-making, and most importantly, places a spotlight on the human aspect of global events. As Scripps News continues to forge ahead, disclosing yet more truths and upholding the standards of free, unhindered journalism, the world watches, listens, and learns.

Scripps News embodies the ethos of persistent journalistic pursuit amidst an era of constantly changing narratives. As viewers bear witness to the telling and retelling of "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans" through award-winning reporting, it is a reminder that in the heart of every story lies the power to move, to challenge, and to change the world one word at a time.


As Scripps News revels in the acknowledgement of its pursuits, we recognize that such high-caliber reporting could only have been achieved with a synergy of passion, dedication, and teamwork. The accolades showered upon "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans" are not just a celebration of a single story or an individual but of an entire team that stands behind every word, clip, and broadcast. To the editors, producers, correspondents, and all those working tirelessly behind the scenes, these recognitions are as much theirs as they are of Scripps News.

In a world inundated with information and countless news cycles, it is more pertinent than ever before to distinguish between noise and substance. Scripps News, through its award-winning investigations, shows that there still exists a space for narratives that challenge indifference and ignite discourse. A commitment to transformative storytelling remains at the forefront of Scripps News' ethos, continuing to shape a more informed and empathetic society.

Looking Ahead

As awards seasons unfold and honors are duly given, Scripps News looks forward with renewed vigor and a reinforced mission. With an expanded horizon and the backing of numerous accolades, the news network forges a commitment to investigative journalism that not only observes the world but participates in its unfolding story. "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans" might be one of the many stories Scripps News has unearthed, but its resonance is a standing testament to the power of free press and its enduring impact on human lives and international relations.

In the evolving landscape of media and communication, Scripps News remains a beacon for factual, meaningful journalism, as its latest series of accolades rightfully attests. It is more than just a news network; it is a hub of storytelling that creates ripples of understanding and empathy across a diverse audience. May this serve as an inspiration for future journalists and media entities to uphold the noble calling of this profession – to speak truth to power and to illuminate the shades of humanity in all its forms.

Let us laud Scripps News for their landmark accomplishment in winning the Deadline Club and New York Press Club Awards. The captivating investigation, "Ukraine's Stolen Orphans," resonates with the chorus of voices seeking truth amidst chaos. The network's esteemed recognitions serve as a barometer for quality journalism and compelling narrative, marking a memorable chapter in the annals of engaging, factual storytelling.

As the curtain falls on yet another extraordinary journalistic endeavor, Scripps News leaves an indelible imprint on the canvas of global media. The accolades bestowed upon them are but a recognition of their ceaseless efforts to bring to light the stories that matter, the stories that stir the hearts and minds of viewers, one piercing truth at a time.