according to an nbc news poll trump gains favor among voters concerned about inflation while biden focuses on tariffs and job creation 146


According to an NBC News poll, Trump gains favor among voters concerned about inflation, while Biden focuses on tariffs and job creation


Leo Gonzalez

April 26, 2024 - 01:00 am


Trump Leads Biden in Handling Inflation: According to the latest NBC News poll, more voters trust Donald Trump over President Joe Biden to address inflation and the cost of living, which are their top concerns. The survey of 1,000 registered voters nationwide revealed that 52% believe Trump would better handle these economic challenges, compared to only 30% for Biden.

Poll Timing and Context: The poll was conducted from April 12 to 16, shortly after the release of another inflation report indicating rising consumer prices. Trump capitalized on this data to criticize Biden's economic policies, intensifying the focus on inflation concerns.

Biden's Shift in Focus: While inflation remains a significant issue, the Biden administration has shifted its attention to other economic aspects, such as job creation, tariffs, and taxes. Biden's recent speeches in Pennsylvania underscored this shift, with announcements on tariffs targeting Chinese imports and emphasis on job growth and tax policies.

Efforts to Address Inflation: Biden has consistently attributed high prices to corporate behavior, accusing companies of practices like price gouging and "shrinkflation." However, recent remarks suggest a broader effort to address other economic concerns and data amidst persistent inflationary pressures.

Public Perception and Economic Priorities: Although Biden highlights achievements like a strong GDP and low unemployment rates, voters remain focused on inflation and the cost of living. While only 11% identified jobs and the economy as the top issues, 23% expressed inflation and the cost of living as their primary concerns, contributing to Trump's perceived advantage in economic management.

Poll Results and Biden's Momentum: While Trump maintains a lead over Biden in economic trust, the gap appears to be narrowing, reflecting a trend observed in earlier polls. Despite Biden's attempts to pivot the conversation, the public's lingering positive perception of the Trump economy continues to pose challenges for Biden's agenda.